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Experience Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo and the Resort Zone.

Los Cabos is located on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico on the Baja California Peninsula.  Los Cabos consists of 3 main areas and is located at the southern tip of the peninsula.  The three areas are Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo and an area located between these two cities called the “Resort Zone”.  Over 2 million people travel here each year and it is considered one of the sunniest places in the world.

The City Of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

The city of Cabo San Lucas is located at the lower tip of the Baja Peninsula.  When people say they are heading to Los Cabos they are most likely staying in Cabo San Lucas.  There are hundreds of fun things to do in the Cabo area below are some of the top and most highly recommended activities, restaurants and services!

Cabo San Lucas (Land Based) Tours & Excursions

Looking for fun active things to do in Cabo San Lucas?  Below is a growing collection of tours, excursions & attractions to experience during your stay.  From beach and water activities to sky and inland adventures; Cabo San Lucas has it all.  If we missed something let us know about it in the comments below or through our contact us page.

Medano Beach is one of the top rated beaches you can visit in Cabo San Lucas.  If you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach with lots of fun things to do, this is the beach for you.  Learn more about Medano Beach here!

Lover’s Beach is another highly rated Cabo San Lucas Beach attraction.  It’s also where you will find the Arch Of Cabo.  There are all sorts of fun things to do around this famous landmark.  Learn more about Lover’s Beach here!

Cabo Adventure offers zip lining, kayak excursions, dolphin swims, sailing adventures, snorkeling, scuba, biking and more.  They are the leader in tours and excursion in Cabo San Lucas.  Learn more about Cabo Adventures here!

Cabo San Lucas (Water & Air Based) Tours & Excursions

Cabo San Lucas is full of history, culture and impressive landmarks.  There are also zoos and aquariums that you can tour to learn about local fish and wildlife.  If you are looking for activities that are less active and more intellectual, this is the section for you!

El Arco also known as Lands End, Lover’s Beach and the Arch Of Cabo is the #1 TripAdvisor listed fun thing to do in Cabo San Lucas.  There are all sorts of day trips, tours and excursions to this attraction.  Learn more about El Arco here!

Go swimming with dolphins on your next visit to Cabo San Lucas.  There are several options and companies to chose from.  Cabo Adventures and Dolphin Discovery are at the top of the list.  Learn more about dolphin swims here!

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