Jamaica’s Spanish Town Iron Bridge

Thomas Wilson Historic Cast Iron Bridge

This Jamaican iron bridge was crafted (engineered) in England by Thomas Wilson of the Walker Ironworks company Of England.  The bridge was cast and shipped to Jamaica in 1801 and assembled the following year in Saint Catherine’s Parish.  This iron bridge is one of just two Thomas Wilson bridges still in existence.  The bridge is 81 feet long and 15 feet wide.  It is the oldest bridge made of casted iron in the western hemisphere.  This bridge crosses the Rio Cobre River and connects Spanish Town to Kingston.  The bridge cost 4000 Pounds at the time it was created.

See The Spanish Town Bridge By Video:

Here is a growing collection of videos all about the Jamaican Spanish Town Iron Bridge.  If you have a video that should be here, drop us a note.

Where Is the Spanish Town Iron Bridge?

Located at:  X3V3+F3J, Spanish Town, Jamaica.  Have a look at the actual location of this cast iron bridge through the map below.  The bridge is no longer in use for vehicle traffic but is used for foot and bike traffic.  

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