Seatrek & Submarines In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Sub & Seatrek Overview:

Submarine and Sea Trek experiences are a unique way to explore the marine life and underwater world of Cabo San Lucas. Here are some vendors and prices for these activities:

1. Cabo Submarine: Cabo Submarine offers a two-hour submarine tour that takes you 100 feet below the surface to see the marine life, the underwater sandfalls, and the shipwreck of a Mexican Navy vessel. The tour costs $115 per person.

2. Atlantis Submarines: Atlantis Submarines provides a two-hour submarine tour that takes you to the Chileno Reef and the Sand Falls, where you can see a variety of marine life. The tour also includes an onboard marine biologist and narration. The tour costs $125 per person.

3. Sea Trek: Sea Trek allows you to walk on the seafloor using a helmet that supplies air and helps you stay dry. You can experience this underwater walk at Cabo San Lucas Marine Park or Santa Maria Bay. The price for this experience is $89 per person.

4. Cabo Adventures: Cabo Adventures offers a Sea Trek experience that allows you to explore the sea floor while walking in a specially designed helmet. The tour also includes snorkeling, food, and drinks. The cost of this experience is $129 per person.

5. Ocean Riders: Ocean Riders provides a Sea Trek experience where you can walk underwater in a special helmet and enjoy the beautiful marine life of Cabo San Lucas. The tour includes snorkeling and a ride on an inflatable boat. The price for this experience is $119 per person.

These vendors and prices can give you an idea of the options available for submarine and Sea Trek experiences in Cabo San Lucas. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the vendors for the most current information and availability.

Map Of Cabo Seatrek & Sub Vendors:

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