Multum Ha Cenote

Discover Cenote Multum Ha!

This Coba area cave cenote is just amazing.  The entrance leads you down an old wooden spiral staircase (about 90 steps) to an underground wooden platform.  The water is calm and crystal clear.  The cave is illuminated by a skylight type hole in the caves ceiling and basic electrical lighting.  The cave is 18 meters (59 feet) underground and is located about ten minutes (1.8 miles/3 kilometers) from the local Coba Mayan Ruins.  The entrance fee was $5 USD or 100 in Pesos.

Cenote Multum Ha Videos:

Looking for videos of Multum Ha?  Here is a collection of some of the most popular videos so you can see for yourself just how amazing this underground cave cenote is.  Flip through the videos by clicking the upper right corner of the video screen or watch it here on YouTube:  Cenote Multum Ha YouTube Playlist   nearby is cenote Choo Ha and Tankach Ha.

Cenote Multum Ha Google Map:

Here is a Google Map with the location of Cenote Multum Ha.  The physical address is:  Cenote Multum Ha –  Carretera Principal Km6, 77740 Cobá, Q.R., Mexico.  This cenote is located almost 2 miles from the main road and so it gets less visitors.  The dirt road is tough to navigate due to potholes.  many people have said this is their favorite of the three local cenotes.  

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