Jamaica Helicopter Tour

Looking For What It's Like To Soar In A Helicopter Above Jamaica?

Are you looking for an experience a little more extreme than just a basic everyday tour?  Consider a tour of Jamaica by air or perhaps hopping cities via helicopter transfer!  Jamaica offers helicopter tours and excursions where you can soar on the air above the island.  Want to see Jamaica like few do?  Take a helicopter tour from a local Jamaica helicopter service.

Jamaica Helicopter Tour Videos:

Have a look at this video collection of helicopter rides across Jamaica.  If you have a video to add, drop me a note.  Consumers love researching and dreaming of their trip.  I can’t wait to do this one myself!

Jamaica Helicopter Tour Map:

Looking for a map of Jamaica?  Here is a Google Map and it’s preloaded with the Google registered tour and excursion companies across Jamaica.  Have a look and see where the major cities are and where you might travel.

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