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Explore Daytona Beach Through A timeshare promotion!

Discover the Daytona Beach area through a timeshare vacation promotion.  Daytona Beach offers all sorts of fun things to do and see.  Nearby there is Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach and more.  Within an hour is Orlando, NASA or St. Augustine.

Like many popular travel destinations, Daytona beach has timeshare resorts and hotels.  You can get a sweet deal if you qualify and listen to a sale pitch during your stay!  

List Of Timeshare Resorts Daytona Beach Florida

Timeshare vacation trips are common in Daytona Beach and you can score a 2 to 4 night stay in trade for listening to a sales pitch at a resort or hotel.  Below is a general list of possible locations.  Inventory is constantly changing and you should call with your dates of travel to see what we have available.

Call (720)410-5637 For The Latest Inventory!

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Example Terms & Conditions for Timeshare Promotions in Daytona Beach

Congratulations! As a qualified participant, the (Resort/Hotel) would like to offer you the opportunity to enjoy this incredible offer of savings up to 77% off the retail price. This package promotion includes room accommodations only. Besides meeting the qualifications and attending the 90-minute resort preview, there are no other obligations. Primary Travelers must meet the Resort`s Qualifications below:

Group Travel
The resort is offering this first-time visitor promotion and will honor only one package per family, friends, acquaintances or known groups traveling on the same, similar and/or adjoining arrival and departure dates. Unfortunately, if you are traveling with others this package cannot be used for this trip, but you can save it for later. Otherwise, there are additional costs associated with group travel.

Credit Card
Qualified customer/s Must bring with them to the Presentation a Major Credit Card VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted (No Debit Cards, Check Cards, Company Cards or Discover Cards).
The qualifying person(s) MUST be the credit card holder. Expired credit cards DO NOT QUALIFY.

Attendance to an up to 90-minute vacation ownership presentation at a designated area appointed by (Resort) is required.
Parents traveling with children ages 3-11 must agree to leave children in their secure, supervised play area during the presentation. Toddlers or special needs children are not eligible for the play area.
Children under the age of 3 or special needs children and are not permitted during group portion of presentation (NO childcare room is offered). Children over the age of 11 may attend the presentation with parents or stay in the play area.
Must tour with spouse/fiance/significant other/life partner if married/engaged/cohabitating.

Married or Cohabitating couples – must be age 25-72.

Minimum $50,000 USD Annual Income (retirees $40,000).
Must be employed full-time – part-time employment does not qualify.
Students without full-time employment are not qualified.

Both qualified participants must be fluent in English without the help of an interpreter.

The qualified person must present a major credit card and government-issued photo ID at the tour reception desk.
Married couples must bring with them proof of such (Government issued picture ID with matching addresses, and/or marriage certificate).

Marital Status
Offer is valid for married or cohabitating couples.
All guests must attend the presentation, including all persons in the reservation(s).

Reservation holder must be a US citizens or permanent resident.
Residents of Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach or Holly Hill, Florida do not qualify.

Additional Terms
Customer will pay depending on season $10-$12 per night resort taxes at check-in.
Reservation holder must or spouse / significant other must not have toured a Resort in the past 15 months, be a current or previous owner of Best Western Resorts or have toured twice before.
Can not have attended any Travel Club presentation in the past 30 days.
Cannot have consecutive promotional packages.
We hold no discretion over the eligibility requirements, qualifications, or resort fees. The eligibility requirements have been set forth by the resort developer and are a must for participation in the resort preview. These requirements may change without notice.

Rescheduling Policy
You are welcome to reschedule or make changes to your reservation without a penalty if change request is received at least 7 days prior to your scheduled arrival. Any changes made within 7 days of your scheduled arrival may incur a $100 dollar fee. You have 12 months to use your vacation package. All change requests are based solely on hotel room availability.

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