Bungee Jumping in Los Cabos

On the south pacific island of Pentecost, the Vanuatu people have practiced a rite of passage for hundreds of years. The land dive is performed annually and involves jumping from a wooden tower without any safety harness except for two tree vines wrapped around the jumpers ankles. This is the origin of bungee jumping and nobody does it better than Wild Canyon Adventures in Los Cabos.

Where to Bungee Jump in Los Cabos

Wild Canyon

Wild Canyon is home to a ton of fun; water park, ziplining, animal sanctuary, and so much more. Wild Canyon is also the location of a novelty not seen anywhere else in Mexico. We’re talking about the gondola bungee jump. This attraction combines the thrill of a bungee jump with a glass-bottom gondola ride over a canyon. Half way across, the large gondola will stop, a door will open, and – well, you know the rest.

As you can imagine, the safety factor is much stronger here than a couple of vines around your ankles. The Bungee Bombers tour passes and even surpasses industry safety standards and the company claims to use the best equipment and technology in the jumps.

The entire adventure takes approximately 4 hours with 1.5 hours dedicated to the ride itself. Wild Canyon recommends bringing comfortable closed, closed shoes, and lots of sunscreen as you will be in the middle of the open air with barely any shade.

Getting to Wild Canyon in Los Cabos

Wild Canyon is open daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. When you purchase the activity through Wild Canyon and other tour operators, free round trip transportation is provided with your ticket. Check with the organizers to see if your hotel is a pick-up point and bring cash or credit with you for souvenirs, food, and more.

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