Ron Jon’s Surf Shop

Ron Jon’s Surf Shop

“It all began with a surfboard…”

In 1959 young, East Coast surfer, Ron Dimenna, headed west in search of a dream. After falling head over heels for the sport of surfing, he set out to purchase a custom surfboard. At that time, the east was lagging behind the west when it came to surf culture and lifestyle. Big surfing brands were vastly underrepresented on the Atlantic shore. This didn’t sit well with the enamored young man.

Since demand for custom boards on the east was so high, Ron took his father’s advice and returned with not one surfboard, but three: one for himself and two to sell. Over 60 years and thousands of surfboards later, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop has become a world renowned purveyor of surfing gear, body and skim boards, fashion and swimwear, beach essentials, skateboards, and more!

Ron Jon’s Surf Shop located at 4151 N Atlantic Ave. in Cocoa

Beach is the world’s largest surf shop and the company’s flagship facility.

This 52,000 square foot venue is more than just a store. It’s a destination. Head over and immerse yourself in East Coast surfing history. Experience the fragrance of surf wax, bright colored boards, sand sculptures, vintage cars, and more. Ron Jon’s has everything you need for an epic beach experience.

You’ll be stoked to know they are open 9:00AM-11:00PM seven days a week!

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