Lori Wilson Park

Located at 1500 N Atlantic Avenue in the heart of Cocoa Beach.

Lori Wilson Park is a beautiful 32-acre beachfront park with a lush maritime hammock, sand dunes and a variety of local flora and fauna. Offering pavilions, a playground, and barbecue grills, it’s a great place to spend some quality time in nature with family and friends. Take a walk on one of the six dune crossovers or on the boardwalk.

Enjoy a swim in the Atlantic Ocean under the supervision of full-time seasonal lifeguards or do a little surf fishing. Spend a few hours on the volleyball court or take advantage of the biking/cycling trails. Whatever you choose, Lori Wilson Park is ideal for a relaxed and enjoyable time by the water.

With ample parking (free of charge) and facilities that include restrooms, outdoor showers, water fountains, on-site vendors, and a dog park, this wonderful park, open from dawn to dusk, will definitely be worth your while. Enjoy!

*Please note: The 32,000 square foot, fenced, off leash Lori Wilson Dog Park is located in the southern portion of Lori Wilson Park. Dogs are allowed specifically at the dog park, but are otherwise prohibited in the park and on the beach.

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