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Timeshare Vacation Promotion FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Got Questions About Timeshare Vacation Promotions?

Timeshare promotions are incentives to listen to a pitch on some form of vacation ownership.  These offers are sometimes very valuable and can save the consumer up $2000 on a really nice vacation.  You almost always need to qualify for these offers and in many case will have to be between the ages of 30 and 70 years old.

*NOTE:  One of the top all inclusive timeshare promotions offered is through Sandos Resorts.  They give 5 nights full access all inclusive for 2 adults and 2 kids.  They have 4 beach front locations to choose from (Sandos Cancun, Sandos Caracol Eco, Sandos Playacar & Sandos Finisterra.  Average real savings is $900, max savings is over $2100!  Check it out!

Here are some of the top questions and answers related to vacation promotions:

The truth is that consumers search for these types of discounts under all the following keyword phrases:

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Yes, these promotions are contracted by the resorts and hotels all over the world to marketing companies and cal centers.  We have both direct contracts and contracts through brokers that have direct contracts.  Every vacation promotion that we offer has it’s own contract which lists that resorts terms and conditions.  In the contract there are specific rules that the marketing company (call center) and the consumer must follow. 

Each contract lists reservation cancellation and change penalties, minimum sales prices for the package including the cost of extra night & guests and contract termination/violation policies.  Every promotion that we list has some type of signed agreement and contract behind it.

Worldwide there are thousands of vacation promotions and they are offered as both accommodations and as gift incentives.  Some resorts and hotels specialize in walk-in traffic and don’t offer accommodations.  These are called drive-n-buys.  An example of a drive-n-buy is a booth in a popular tourist area where a person is handing out maps or free information.  These booths are set up to pre qualify consumers for a tour.  That tour would gift you a visa card or perhaps even an iPad.

We are working on getting these types of offer too.  For now we are specializing in accommodation based offers which are offered several ways.  They are offered as accommodation only and all inclusive.  The accommodation only offers sometimes come with an added gift like discounted spa services or a free round of golf.  The all inclusive offers are the top of the line in vacation promotions.

These promotions are used to prequalify prospective clients for vacation ownership.  These are not cheap trips, but rather a way for qualified consumers to tour a nice resort as a test drive.  Resorts have room nights to sell not just tonight but for many years to come!  After all, resort and hotels are in the business of selling accommodations, that’s what they do.  So they have programs that allow you to invest in your future vacations assuming zombies don’t destroy the world.

Anyone is can invest in their future vacation getaways, cause getting away each year is important.  However, only certain persons are considered the best types of prospects for vacation ownership.  If that’s you, these resorts allow you to get up to 70% off your stay for listening to a presentation.  The presentation will pitch groups of future nights at some special rate.

Come learn about vacation ownership.  All of our offers are from diamond rated or at least the level of 4 star hotel.  Meet some basic conditions and the reduced rate vacation special is yours!  Our part of this deal is to prequalify you, have you sign an agreement stating you do actually qualify and then get your reservation issued.

IWTTT only sells dates of travel, so you will have to know what dates you want to travel on. We will check hotel program availability and if available get your reservation processed & issued.

Websites & companies that allow you to check out online have the highest selling rates of bad vacation promotions.  These promotions are limited and there are only so many available spots per day, per resort.  We don’t believe that these promotions should be sold as open dated vacations.  In fact, I would say that companies that sell open dated packages are committing fraud!

The simple truth is that we must check and verify that your dates are available.  We could (like many others) set up a fake hotel like booking widget (box) and take your reservations online.  To do so would make us like the other companies you read about when you search for negatives about hotel promotions.  We want to be different!

By selling only available dates of travel and taking one minute to see if your dates are available we stop complaints completely.  Plus we believe in invoicing consumers so that we never see or receive their credit card information.  That makes our service super secure and a sure way to have a flawless booking experience!

The top of the line in vacation promotions are all inclusive offers.  All inclusive means that the offer includes all your meals, drinks, snacks and even alcohol unless other wise disclosed.  These types of timeshare promotions have the hardest terms and conditions to qualify for, but are the most desired.  Each resort & hotel has different conditions that the traveler must meet to become a prospect. 

That’s right!  You are becoming a prospect for vacation ownership and are getting a discounted stay for that reason.  Resorts aren’t just handing out cheap stays, they are looking for couples and families that want to get the best deals and plan their future vacations.  Come learn about vacation ownership through an all inclusive timeshare promotion and save up to 70% on your accommodations!

To my knowledge there are very few resorts or hotels that offer timeshare promotions in-house.  I agree that this is an issue and most companies won’t even tell you about this time frame.  The truth is that this condition is industry wide and all the major and minor call centers or marketing companies have the same waiting period.

Some resort programs are better than others at issuing verifiable reservation numbers quickly.  When you add extras like extra days, guests or older children; the time frame goes up because it takes time to transfer funds owed for these extras.  Our best program is our adult’s only deal and they issue as fast as the bank will clear your extras.  If you order just a base package it will only take 2 days (48 hours).

The bright side of this is that consumers are starting to complain and insist that this change.  The only way these programs will produce a reservation quicker is by you the consumer speaking up.  As a leader in content marketing and one of the highest ranked website in the vacation promotion industry, this is a great place to post your concerns.  We have created a forum and a social network side where you can create an account and speak up!

Many of these promotions do not allow group travel.  A group is defined as 2 or more couples traveling together at the same time.  If this applies to you we do have several solutions that allow 2 couples to travel together. 

There are four resorts that I know of that allow couples to travel together.  They are Sirenis, BlueBay, our adults only resort and Sandos.  Each has specific rules for this type of travel and they are extremely different from one another.  If you get caught in violation of their rules they will void your reservation at check-in or back charge you at or after check-out.

Many of these programs are hiring departments now to verify and reduce their loses.  These resorts are good at catching couples that violate the terms and conditions that they signed and agreed to. 

Did you know that a simple Google search or Facebook search can show who you know?  Time and again we hear the horror stories from resorts that have dismissed companies or charged consumers retail at check-in or check-out.  In the past 3 years I have heard so many stories I could fill a book. 

If you are going to travel with friends make sure you don’t commit vacation fraud and you declare what you are doing.  Getting caught in a foreign country red handed involved in fraud is a bad idea!

If you were told by a marketing company that this is not a problem, make sure that is what the terms and conditions your signing say.  No marketing company can alter the resorts terms and conditions.  If you were told it’s OK and it says in the paperwork you need to sign that it’s not.  Then it’s NOT OK!  Always follow the rules of these vacation offers.  If you follow the rules you will never have an issue.

Each of these resorts and hotels create their own terms.  The reason they have these terms is simple.  It’s all about their bottom line!  There is a formula that each program (resort) uses.  It’s called something like an efficiency rate.  Every consumer that travels through a promotion is graphed on a chart.  The resort knows where they win and where they lose. 

At the end of the day these promotions are all about selling vacation ownership, not giving you a cheap trip.  One out of every four or five couples that travels using a promotion will buy something!  That’s a fact to know.

If a resorts program does any worse than that they won’t be around a year from now.  These vacation deals are available because they get consumers to look at the resort and hotels product and inventory.  Again these are not free trips that the resort is just giving away.  They are in the business of selling accommodations.

So the reason for the terms and conditions is to make sure that the highest ratio of buyers is allowed to travel and the others that don’t buy are not.

This is why many of these programs don’t allow couples to travel together or single males.  The resort looks at their graph and sees that traditionally those travelers do not buy anything.  It’s all a numbers game and just like any other business they are out to make a profit!

Almost all of these resort promotions require a major credit card as do many resorts and hotels worldwide for general check-in.  They require this to cover incidentals and in the case of promotional travel they use it as a way to see that you are credit worthy. 

The best of our promotions require a major credit card and that the credit card be in the name of the traveler.  That means that a corporate credit card does not count.  So just to clarify.  Just because your plastic card has a Visa or MasterCard logo does not mean its a major credit card!  A major credit card is a piece of plastic with the same logos on it but has a credit line or line of credit that you can borrow against.

Yes there are some resort & hotel offers that allow travel through a debit card.  They are mostly located in the USA and only allow travel during off peak travel times.  This is one of those terms and conditions that void a vacation promotion.  Make sure your credit card is really a credit card and not just a debit card linked to a bank account!

An open dated vacation package is the only way you can lose and end up with a worthless promise to travel!  Think of it this way.  Not even the largest vacation companies in the world (like will sell you an open dated vacation package.  Open dated vacation packages serve no one but the marketing company that is selling them.  It doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t serve the resort. 

The resorts just want to fill their show rooms with qualified prospects and pitch their vacation products.

I estimate that more than 60% of all open dated packages sold this year will never be fulfilled.  this leads to all the negative you see on the internet and it is just getting worse.  In case your keeping score and you should be.  IWTTT (I Want To Travel To) only sells bookable dates of travel!  If your dates are not available, we don’t sell you a promise to travel later.

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything.  Buying an open dated package doesn’t save you a dime and is nothing but a gamble for you.  It all comes down to availability at the resort.  It doesn’t matter what the marketing company tells you.  If your dates aren’t available your not getting a reservation.

Here’s another thought.  Let say that call center “A” sells 2,000 promotions for resort “X”.  Resort “X” has only 1500 possible spots available this year.  That means some consumer is not getting fulfillment!  Worse than that is there are hundreds of call centers selling resort “X” promotions?  Now does my 60% guesstimate above sound so ridiculous? 

Here’s another thought.  Your credit card company has a charge-back deadline of 3 to 6 months.  Once that deadline is past your out of luck!  What good is that promise to travel if there isn’t any availability in the program, the call center changes their name (goes out of business) or your ability to charge back is over?

Just a few thoughts you should consider!

Here are my thoughts…  Yes and no.  If you are traveling outside of the USA I would definitely get travel insurance.  I would get the best plan I could afford and make sure it covers medical, flights and luggage.  Now we may disagree and that’s OK.  My preference when I travel is to have a perfect vacation and that’s my wish for you too!  Insurance is just what it is, a GAMBLE!  You are protecting yourself against a bad roll of the dice.

The greatest of fears is that you have a medical issue while you are traveling abroad (out of the USA).  Do you know if your medical insurance will cover a trip to the hospital?  If you get robbed will you be compensated for your losses?  If your flights get canceled for any reason are you prepared to eat that extra expense? 

So I treat it like any other type of insurance.  I wouldn’t drive without insurance and so I won’t travel outside the USA without it either.  These are the types of questions you need to ask and answer for yourself.  When I travel out of the USA I get insurance.  I think you should too!

If you are traveling outside of the USA, yes you do!  Now I have has several people argue with me on this issue.  They tell me they can take a cruise and not have a passport.  I think this is just stupid!  Is it worth having an issue while you are traveling abroad and not having a passport?  My passport cost me under $250 and I got it last minute.  It was a great investment and I have used it all across the USA as my second form of identification.  Personally I would not hop on a cruise ship and get off anywhere that is not a U.S. owned territory ever without a passport. 

Yes, every passenger should have a passport including all children.  If you ever plan to travel this amazing world I suggest you get one too!

First off we don’t market through faxes, have an outbound call center or do spam email blasts.  We are a content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) company.  In other words, we create internet content that the search engines deem as valuable and rank in their search results.  Some of our marketing is through paid services like Google Adwords and Facebook, but that is the minor side of our marketing.  The majority of the marketing we do is through the content that is posted on this site and on the social network accounts we control.

Internet content comes in 5 forms:  written word, pictures, videos, podcasts and consumer comments.

Second, if you got a fax or spam email why would you purchase a vacation that way?  We have had consumers forward us these types of offers and in almost every case there isn’t even a website backing the offer!  When we have called the number on the fax we have found that the person on the other side of the line was more interested in getting our credit card than answering our questions.

When we got serious with them and started to ask too many questions, they just hung up.  Never by promotions this way!  Never give your credit card number over the phone!  That is the best and some solid advice I hope you will listen to.  If you decide to give your credit card number out anyway, consider getting a Walmart’s prepaid card that you can load with a certain amount of funds.  This will limit your losses should you have issues.

Nothing as long as we or the resort don’t catch you.  If you get caught you will forfeit your promotional package and lose all funds you paid us for your trip.  Plus, you will be billed by the resort at a rate equal to the regular rack rate for your stay or be escorted off the resort grounds.  Since you are signing an agreement that we are party to, if you are found in breach you could be prosecuted by IWTTT for fraud!

Now that may sound extreme, but fraud is what fraud is.  Each case will be evaluated between the resort and IWTTT to determine just how to proceed.  In the case that you lie and get caught outside of the USA, you may want to flea to the local embassy.  We hate fraud and recommend that you don’t lie to save a buck.  Resorts programs have in-house departments that check you out should someone smell funny business. 

In the 3 plus years we have been involved in this industry we have heard some amazing stories.  More than 3 dozen couples were caught with fake marriage certificates at one resort and hundreds have been caught traveling as groups.  Remember, you are signing an agreement that gives you a huge savings on accommodations.  It is your responsibility to prove your eligibility.

Now don’t worry if you really do qualify!  Proving that you meet the really basic terms these programs set forth shouldn’t be an issue.  Plus we will aid you as long as you are truthfully a qualified participant.  In the past 3 years we have not had a single problem.  That’s because we are always up front with you and the resort!

Here are four highly rated all-inclusive timeshare promotions:

Sandos Resorts has one of the top all-inclusive resort promotions you can get.  Why?  First, it is readily available and can actually be booked.  Second, they allow travel year round including Christmas and Easter.  Third, they allow you to customize a stay from 3 to 7 nights and occupy two rooms to max occupancy.  You can also travel with friends and family as long as you don’t use two separate promotions and travel under the same reservation.  

Sandos Playacar Beach Resort and Spa Timeshare Promo
Cancun Side Of Mexico
Sandos Finisterra Timeshare Presentation Los Cabos
Pacific Side Of Mexico
Sandos Caracol Eco Timeshare Promo
Cancun Side Of Mexico
Sandos Cancun Timeshare Promo
Cancun Side Of Mexico
save up to 70 percent at sandos resorts by becoming a prospect

Timeshare Promotional offers come in many sizes including 5 night all inclusive stays!

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