Fun Things To Do In Daytona Beach Shores:

From the river (intercoastal waterway) to the ocean heading east on the peninsula is called beachside Daytona.  The peninsula runs from way up north (Saint Augustine) to Ponce Inlet.  

Within about an hours drive of Daytona Beach is Orlando (west, 56 miles, 55 minutes), Saint Augustine (north, 55 miles, 65 minutes), and Cocoa Beach (south, 80 miles, 75 minutes).

Looking for fun things to do in Eastern Central Florida (Volusia County).  This page mainly focuses on fun things to do in Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, South Daytona, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet, & New Smyrna Beach.  

There are a few things outside the local area like Blue Springs, Orlando or NASA (Kennedy Space Center).  These fun things to do are more of a whole day trip, these trips require more planning since they are 45+ minutes away from Daytona.

Daytona Beach Shores is on a peninsula and is accessed by 6 major bridges which connect the Daytona Beach mainland.  The river between the two Daytona Beaches (mainland and beachside) is called the Intercoastal Waterway and the part of this that flows through Daytona Beach is called the Halifax River.  

This is brackish water (mixed salt and fresh) and is a toll free 3,000 mile long shipping route made up of sounds, bays, lagoons, rivers, and canals.  Most of the river is usable by deep-draft vessels.  See the tide chart for Daytona Beach here.

What cities are near daytona beach

Fun Things To Do Landside Daytona Beach:

From the river (intercoastal waterway) and west headed inland there are even more fun things to discover.  Daytona Beach is a large area which includes the raceway, the farmer market and super fast go-karts!

Fun Things To Do In Holly Hill:

Just north of Daytona Beach landside is a small area called Holly Hill.  Holly Hill is 2.5 miles north of Daytona Beach or about a 6 minute drive. If you blink you might miss it.  Holly Hill is tiny and landside only.

Fun Things To Do In Ormond Beach & Ormond By The Sea:

Farther north from Daytona Beach just past Holly Hill is a large area called Ormond Beach.  There is Ormond Beach landside and beachside.  Your looking at about a 15 minute drive or 6.5 miles.  To make things even more confusing, there is also Ormond By The Sea.  Ormond By The Sea is a beachside area that is north of the main part of Ormond Beach.  It will take 25 minutes to get there.

Fun Things To Do In South Daytona:

Just south of Daytona Beach on the landside is a small area called South Daytona.  South Daytona has no beach but has excellent restaurants, bars, parks and activities.  Experience axe throwing in SD.

Fun Things To Do In Port Orange:

Just south of Daytona Beach is Port Orange.  Port Orange is as large as Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach.  The drive from Daytona Beach to Port Orange is 6 miles or about 14 minutes.  Port Orange is just landside and has no beach.

Fun Things To Do In Ponce Inlet:

A1A beachside dead ends in Ponce Inlet where you can visit the beach, the lighthouse or just rent a boat for the day.   The drive is about 11 miles and will take you 22 minutes.  On the way you will pass through Wilbur By The Sea.

Fun Things To Do In New Smyrna Beach:

South of Port Orange is New Smyrna Beach.  New Smyrna Beach is on the other side of Ponce Inlet and is a fairly large area that is both beachside and landside.  The drive is about 15 miles or about 25 minutes.

Fun Things To Do In Bethune Beach:

Bethune Beach is located south of New Smyrna Beach on the peninsula.  You can only reach this beach town from the north and beachside New smyrna.  There are two bridges that access NSB beachside.  The drive will take about 40 minutes and the distance is about 24 miles.

Fun Things To Do In Titusville:

Located 50 miles south of Daytona Beach is Titusville Florida.  The drive will take you about 50 minutes if you use I-95 south.  Nearby is the Canaveral Seashore, NASA and Cocoa Beach.

Fun Things To Do In Cocoa Beach:

Located 81 miles south of Daytona Beach is Cocoa Beach Florida.  The drive will take you about 85 minutes depending on how fast you drive.  Nearby is the Canaveral Seashore, NASA and more.

Fun Things To Do In Orlando:

Orlando Florida is located near the middle center of Florida.  If you are looking for amusement & theme parks, this is your spot!

Google Scrollable map Of Daytona Beach Florida:

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