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Battlefield Vegas: The Ultimate Shooting Experience in Sin City

Battlefield Vegas shoot 300+ GunsIn the city known for its casinos and vibrant nightlife, Battlefield Vegas offers a unique and exhilarating experience that takes Las Vegas’s entertainment scene a step further. This premier indoor shooting range delivers an exceptional experience of handling and shooting a wide range of firearms, making it a must-visit attraction for gun enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.  Battlefield Vegas is a military-themed, five-acre complex located just off the Las Vegas Strip. Featuring a collection of over 350 different firearms, from World War I classics to current-issue military firearms from NATO, this establishment prides itself on delivering an authentic, safe, and exciting shooting experience.

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Overview Of Battlefield Vegas:

The Shooting Experience

Battlefield VegasAt Battlefield Vegas, visitors are given the chance to handle and shoot an extensive collection of firearms under the guidance of highly trained ex-military and law enforcement professionals.

Visitors can choose from a wide array of packages that include shooting guns from specific periods or countries, special weapons packages, or even shooting from a helicopter. For example, the “World War II Package” gives you the chance to shoot weapons from the era, and the “Black Ops Gamer Experience” lets you try firearms featured in popular video games.

Safety and Training

Safety is paramount at Battlefield Vegas. All participants are provided with a safety briefing before the shooting experience, and experienced Range Safety Officers are with you every step of the way. This ensures everyone, from seasoned shooters to first-timers, can enjoy the experience safely.

Military Vehicle Collection

In addition to the shooting experience, Battlefield Vegas boasts an impressive collection of more than 40 military vehicles and equipment, all meticulously restored to their original condition. This collection includes tanks, helicopters, Humvees, and Jeeps, adding another layer of authenticity to the military experience.Battlefield Vegas shoot 300+ Guns

Complimentary Humvee Pick Up

To make the experience more enjoyable and convenient, Battlefield Vegas provides complimentary transportation to and from the range in a military Humvee for customers staying at Las Vegas strip and downtown hotels.


Battlefield Vegas goes beyond being a mere shooting range. It offers a hands-on, immersive experience that showcases military history and the evolution of firearms over the past century. Whether you are a firearm enthusiast or someone looking for an exciting and unique Las Vegas activity, Battlefield Vegas promises a memorable and thrilling adventure.

See A Map Of Where Battlefield Vegas Is Located:

Battlefield Vegas  –  2771 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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