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have you heard of the Safe Haven baby Box program?

Since 2000, over 300 newborn babies have been saved in Florida alone due to a program called Safe Haven.  In Florida, there is just one Safe Haven Baby Box installed and it’s in Ocala.  However, note that all EMS and Hospitals offer the Safe Haven Program and if you’re a new Mother in distress Florida State will help you and your baby!

Overview Of The Safe Haven Baby Box program:

The Safe Haven Baby Box program is an initiative aimed at providing a safe and anonymous alternative for parents who are unable to care for their newborn babies. The program offers parents a way to surrender their newborns safely and legally, with no questions asked, by placing them in a designated baby box at a designated location.

The concept of the Safe Haven Baby Box program was developed in response to the high number of babies abandoned in unsafe locations, such as dumpsters or public restrooms. By providing a safe and anonymous way for parents to surrender their newborns, the program aims to prevent these tragic incidents and to ensure that every child has a chance at a safe and loving home.

The baby box is designed to be secure and climate-controlled, ensuring that the newborn is safe and comfortable until help arrives. When a baby is placed in the box, a silent alarm is triggered, and emergency services are immediately notified. Once the baby is retrieved, they are given medical attention and placed in the care of child protective services.

The Safe Haven Baby Box program is currently operating in several states in the United States, including Indiana, Ohio, and Arizona. The program has been successful in saving the lives of numerous newborns and has received widespread support from local communities and child welfare organizations.

Overall, the Safe Haven Baby Box program is an important initiative that provides a safe and legal alternative for parents who are unable to care for their newborns. By offering a way for parents to surrender their babies safely and anonymously, the program ensures that every child has a chance at a safe and loving home.

What Is The Safe Haven Law In Florida?

In 2000, a law was passed by the Florida Legislature and amended in 2008, 383.50 Treatment of Surrendered Newborn Infant. The law allows for a mother/father to bring their newborn infant up to 7 days of age to any 24 hour staffed Fire or EMS Station or Hospital as a “Safe Haven” and remain completely anonymous! No questions asked, no law enforcement notified! This law was created with the sole purpose of saving newborn infant lives in danger of abandonment.

baby #23 Just Saved In Ocala Florida Through The Safe Haven Baby Box Program!

Safe haven Baby Box YouTube Channel:

Ocala’s Fire Rescue Headquarters is located at the MLK First Responder Campus, 505 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Ocala Florida 34475.  Just two years ago the first Safe Haven Baby Box in Florida was installed.  Around Jan 6th, 2023 a baby was left inside the Ocala Fire Stations emergency baby box.  EMS was alerted within a minute and help was on it’s way.  

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