Space View Park

Space View Park Overview:

Space View Park is a public park located in Titusville, Florida, that offers breathtaking views of the space launches from the Kennedy Space Center, which is situated across the Indian River. The park is located on the eastern shore of the Indian River Lagoon, just a few miles south of the Kennedy Space Center, and covers an area of about 8.5 acres.

Space View Park is known for being one of the best places to watch space launches. Visitors can see rockets, space shuttles, and other spacecraft being launched from the Kennedy Space Center, providing a unique and exciting experience. The park has bleachers, benches, and picnic tables for visitors to sit and enjoy the view, as well as informative displays that provide information on the space program and the launches.

In addition to the launch viewings, Space View Park also has other attractions that make it a great place to spend a day with family and friends. The park has a playground for children, a walking path that offers scenic views of the Indian River, and a small gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs related to the space program.

One of the most popular events held at Space View Park is the Space View Park Kite Festival, which takes place annually. During this event, visitors can watch professional kite flyers display their skills, participate in kite-making workshops, and enjoy food from local vendors.

Another interesting feature of Space View Park is the astronaut memorial, which honors the memory of the astronauts who lost their lives while participating in space missions. The memorial includes a granite wall with the names of the astronauts and a bronze statue of an astronaut that stands atop a pedestal.

Overall, Space View Park is a unique and exciting destination that offers visitors a chance to witness the wonders of space launches while enjoying the beauty of Florida’s natural surroundings. Whether you’re a space enthusiast or just looking for a fun day out with family and friends, Space View Park is definitely worth a visit.

Space View Park More:

Walk. Appreciate. Witness. Imagine.

Take a walk through history. Appreciate and honor brave astronauts, as well as the hard working men and women who literally launched the United States into space. Compare your handprints to those of the Mercury astronauts. Witness the absolute wonder of a rocket launch. Let your imagination soar!

Space View Park, less than 15 miles directly across from the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center, is a prime spot to not only learn about history, but to witness it first hand. With its panoramic view across the Indian River Lagoon, this 2.63-acre community park attracts millions of wide-eyed visitors eager to watch a rocket soar into space. With live audio feed direct from the NASA control room, visitors can also tune into the launch process from the park.

In addition, the park is home to the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Shuttle monuments, dedicated to the workers and astronauts who helped America lead the world in space exploration. The In the Line of Duty Memorial commemorates those who lost their lives helping to make the space program what it is today.

Although this facility is rocking during launch windows, it is peaceful and contemplative at other times. Landscaped with artistic sculptures, native plants and flowers, palms and hardwood trees, it offers benches, a boardwalk, a boat dock, and a fishing pier. There are picnic areas and shelters, as well as public restrooms.

Located 5 miles north from Highway 50 off of U.S.1 at 8 Broad Street

Space View Park is close to downtown and restaurants.

It offers free parking. Both the park and restrooms stay open to the public when a launch is scheduled after normal hours.

Where Is Space View Park?


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