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Cenote Choo Ha belongs to a series of three cenotes which are located near ancient Mayan ruins at Coba. Cenote Choo Ha is situated just a few kilometers away from the Coba ruins. The other two cenotes along with Cenote Choo Ha are cenote Tamach Ha and Cenote Multum Ha. In comparison to the other two, Cenote Choo Ha is rather a smaller underground cenote.

These cenotes are open for public to take a refreshing view and for them to have an experience of cenote swimming. The entrance of this cenote is about three to four meters which is a small entrance. This cenote provides you with a real cave experience. The stairway is pretty damp, so you have to be very careful while crossing them.

They are not the best constructed stairs but once you cross them and look at the cenote, you will be amazed by its beauty. It has crystal clear water which gives mirror like reflection which makes it magical. This cenote also includes interesting formations of rocks like any other cenote. It is considered as the perfect spot for a relaxing day where you can swim in the freshwater and also explore the jungle that it is surrounded with.

This cenote’s name translates as ‘water that drips’ which refers to the rock formations that drip the water. There are shallow waters in this cenote in which you can take a refreshing swim. Cenote Choo Ha provides home to small fish and turtles which the visitors can see. This serves as a relax worthy place for you to relax because this place is mostly empty and there is never much crowd.

It can be your little away from the world relaxation place where you only enjoy the beauty of nature with spectacular view and refreshing water. Choo Ha cenote provides basic facilities like changing rooms, showers, parking etc. To avoid harming the ecosystem, you are advised to wash off any sunscreen or repellent before diving into the cenote.

Snorkeling is available at this cenote as well which can add more to your visit to Cenote Choo Ha. There is an entrance fee to get access to this cenote, but all this is worth it for the amazing view that you get. 

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