Cenote Yal Ku Lagoon Videos:

Cenote Yal Ku Lagoon Overview:

To explain what a cenote is we can say that they are sinkholes that are filled with refreshing cold water with various rock formations and stalactites. Not every cenote has stalactites or rock formations, but the basic idea of cenote is being a natural sinkhole. The Cenote Yal Ku Lagoon is situated in a town called Akumal which is twenty minutes away from Playa del Carmen.

It links with the ocean which mixes freshwater and saltwater together. The water is extremely stunning turquoise-colored with a variety of tropical fish, sea turtles and manta rays living in it. Basically, this cenote is under the supervision of two companies which makes them have different entrances. So, this cenote has two entrances from different places, but both are well kept and organized.

When you get into the cenote is when all your tiredness will go away and you will enjoy every bit of it in there. The cenote is good for anyone who wants to take a swim. You can enjoy the many perks that it entertains you with like snorkeling and diving etc. This cenote is a famous place for snorkeling, the best indeed. There are shallow pools which let waves in and out providing an area for beginner snorkelers.

A visit to this unusual cenote might be a little expensive but it will be a worth visiting experience. Avoid the use of sunblock, makeup, mosquito repellants etc. so you do not harm the marine life. The cenote has the ability to calm the visitors as it is quiet and away from the hustle bustle of the area. The water tends to have healing powers, so this nature’s beauty gives you tranquil environment to relax and have a day off.

You can see many beautiful paths, benches, statues and palapas over there. The landscape is extremely picturesque providing a good background for your photos. The above landscape is another thing, but the underwater landscape is also a beauty of its kind. It fascinates the people as it looks like mini valleys. The approximate depth of the cenote is six to fifteen feet. This is an appropriate depth for children to swim safely.

The facility of restrooms, restaurants, chilling area etc. are also available for the visitors. Overall, Cenote Yal Ku Lagoon can be your perfect getaway spot for you to take a break and refresh yourself with nature’s beauty which has healing powers, for sure. 

Map Of Cenote Yal Ku Lagoon:

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