Lan Su Chinese Garden: An Authentic Chinese Oasis in Downtown Portland

Portland OR Lan Su Chinese Garden
Enveloped in the urban fabric of Portland, the Lan Su Chinese Garden is a stunningly serene retreat that whisks visitors away into an authentic Chinese experience. Considered one of the most authentic Suzhou-style gardens outside China, Lan Su offers an enchanting escape in the heart of the bustling city.  Lan Su Chinese Garden was the result of a collaboration between Portland and its sister city Suzhou, famous for its beautiful Ming Dynasty gardens. The garden’s construction began in 1999 and involved the efforts of 65 artisans from Suzhou. They created a unique space that blends art, architecture, design, and nature, adhering to traditional Chinese philosophy and techniques.

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Overview Of Lan Su Chinese Gardens:

A Garden of ‘Awakening Orchids’

The name “Lan Su” is derived from the combination of ‘Lan’ from Portland and ‘Su’ from Suzhou. When put together, Lan Su means ‘Garden of Awakening Orchids’. The garden encapsulates various elements of Chinese culture and tradition, from the ornate pavilions and bridges to the carefully manicured plants and the beautiful lake that is central to the design.

Experience Lan Su Chinese Garden

Visitors to Lan Su can explore various ‘scholar’s gardens’, each designed for contemplation, meditation, and escape from worldly concerns. The garden features more than 300 plant species and varieties found in traditional Chinese gardens.

The garden is also home to several beautifully crafted structures including the ‘Hall of Brocade Clouds’, the ‘Painted Boat in Misty Rain’, and the ‘Celestial Hall of Permeating Fragrance’. Each pavilion provides a unique view of the garden and serves as a venue for cultural activities like calligraphy, painting, and traditional Chinese tea tastings.

Throughout the year, Lan Su hosts various cultural events, demonstrations, and festivals tied to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Visiting Lan Su Chinese Garden

Located at 239 NW Everett Street, the garden is a short distance from many downtown Portland attractions. It is open seven days a week, and admission charges apply. Membership options are available for frequent visitors. A gift shop and teahouse located on the premises offer a range of traditional Chinese tea, snacks, and souvenirs.

In conclusion, the Lan Su Chinese Garden provides a rare opportunity to experience a slice of ancient Chinese culture in the heart of Portland. Its tranquil spaces, rich programming, and beautiful design make it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

See A Map Of Where Lan Su Chinese Garden Is Located:

Lan Su Chinese Garden  –  239 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209
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