Camel Rides in Los Cabos

Let’s face it; you probably didn’t come to Los Cabos for camels. After all, camels are not indiginous to the region nor are they the first thing (or last thing) you think of when you look up things to do in Cabo San Lucas. But don’t knock it until you try it. Camel rides in Cabo get rave reviews from visitors and here’s why.

Where to Ride Camels in Los Cabos

If you are the type to try something new on your visit to Cabo, then Cabo Adventures is your guide to riding camels here. They are the only tour operator in the area that offers this unique experience. The Baja desert is a great environment for these creatures and you’ll have a great time riding them as part of the package.

Your day will start at the Cabo Adventures headquarters in the Cabo San Lucas Marina. From there, an air conditioned van or open-air truck will pick you up and make its way to the Baja desert. This is a good opportunity to apply a load of sunscreen. The tour consists of a short walk to observe the flora of the desert and then the camel ride begins. Depending on the size of the tour group, it can be one or two riders per camel. The ride takes place along the water on the beach and is a magical experience.

Following the camel ride, you will be taken for a Mexican lunch and tequila tasting before returning to the Marina in Los Cabos.

Getting to Cabo Adventures in Los Cabos

If you did not arrange for a hotel pick up and drop off as part of your tour package, you will need to head over to Cabo Adventures headquarters at the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Hail a taxi or arrange one with your hotel and make your way to Blvd. Paseo de la Marina Lote 7-A, Marina, 23410 Cabo San Lucas.

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