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The Stratosphere Tower: Touching the Sky in Las Vegas

Stratosphere Tower Las VegasSoaring above the neon glow and the bustling energy of Las Vegas, the Stratosphere Tower stands as a striking symbol of the city’s adventurous spirit and ceaseless enthusiasm. It offers a unique blend of breathtaking views, thrilling amusement rides, and top-notch dining experiences, wrapped within a captivating architectural marvel.  The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States, reaching an impressive height of 1,149 feet. This architectural wonder dominates the Las Vegas skyline, with its distinct silhouette visible from virtually anywhere in the city. Its design and construction, completed in 1996, symbolize the ambitious vision of Las Vegas – a city that ceaselessly reaches for the extraordinary.

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Overview Of The Stratosphere Tower:

A View from the Top

Riding the high-speed elevators to the top of the Stratosphere Tower, visitors are rewarded with a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the Las Vegas Valley. The indoor and outdoor observation decks offer unobstructed vistas of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding desert landscape. The breathtaking view, particularly at night when the city is aglow with lights, makes the Stratosphere Tower an unmissable part of any Las Vegas trip.

Thrills at the Sky

For thrill-seekers, the Stratosphere Tower provides an adrenaline rush unlike any other with its collection of sky-high amusement rides. The ‘Big Shot’ catapults riders from the 921-foot high platform up the tower’s mast to a height of 1,081 feet and back. ‘Insanity’ spins riders over the edge of the tower, while ‘X-Scream’ propels riders headfirst 27 feet over the edge of the tower. Lastly, for those wanting to experience a controlled free fall, ‘SkyJump’ offers a heart-stopping leap from 829 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

Dining Above the Clouds

Dining at the Stratosphere Tower is an experience in itself. The Top of the World restaurant rotates 360 degrees every 80 minutes, providing diners with constantly changing views as they enjoy their meal. The menu boasts a variety of dishes crafted by award-winning chefs, complemented by a superior wine selection.

Entertainment and More

In addition to the views, rides, and dining, the Stratosphere Tower also hosts the ‘Celestia’ show, an immersive theatrical experience featuring acrobatics and aerial arts. The tower is also home to meeting spaces, a wedding chapel offering unique wedding packages, and shopping outlets, ensuring a diverse range of experiences for visitors.


The Stratosphere Tower is not just an observation deck; it’s a testament to Las Vegas’ capacity to captivate, thrill, and entertain. Its combination of breathtaking views, exhilarating rides, exquisite dining, and diverse entertainment makes it an iconic part of the Las Vegas experience. Whether you are a thrill-seeker, a foodie, or someone who enjoys stunning views, the Stratosphere Tower promises an unforgettable experience that truly touches the sky.

The Stratosphere Tower Has Amusement Rides:

The Stratosphere Tower is renowned for its thrilling rides that sit at the top of the tower, providing unparalleled views combined with heart-stopping excitement. Here are the rides along with their descriptions:

  1. Big Shot: Positioned at a height of 1,149 feet, the Big Shot is the highest thrill ride in the United States. This ride catapults riders straight up 160 feet in 2.5 seconds at 45 mph to a height of 1,081 feet and then back down, giving the sensation of weightlessness. The experience provides stunning views of Las Vegas.

  2. Insanity: Living up to its name, Insanity dangles riders over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower, spinning them at speeds of up to three ‘G’s. At 900 feet above the ground, the ride spins at a 70-degree angle, providing a unique, open-air view of the Las Vegas Strip.

  3. X-Scream: X-Scream propels riders headfirst, 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower. Hovering 866 feet above the ground, this giant teeter-totter-style ride gives riders the sensation of falling off the tower before snapping them back for more.

  4. SkyJump: This is not a traditional ride but an adrenaline-filled adventure. SkyJump provides the highest controlled freefall in the world from a platform 829 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Riders are suited up in a jumpsuit and harnessed to a high-speed descent wire, allowing them to “jump” off the platform and descend safely to the landing pad below.

These extreme rides at the top of the Stratosphere Tower offer unique thrills combined with the breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline, making them a must-visit for any adrenaline junkie.

The Stratosphere Tower Dining Options:

The Stratosphere Tower offers several dining options, each providing unique culinary experiences. Here are the options available:

  1. Top of the World: This revolving restaurant, located more than 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip, rotates 360 degrees every 80 minutes, providing an ever-changing view of Las Vegas. It offers a diverse menu featuring an array of dishes, from succulent steaks to fresh seafood, all prepared by award-winning chefs.

  2. SkyLounge: SkyLounge is a double-decker nightlife venue that offers craft cocktails, small plates, and a stunning panoramic view of Las Vegas. It is an ideal spot to unwind with a drink after a day of exploring the city.

  3. 108 Eats: Located on the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Tower, 108 Eats is perfect for grabbing a quick bite. It offers a variety of sandwiches, ice creams, and sweets, which can be enjoyed while overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

  4. Crafted Buffet: A place for hearty appetites, Crafted Buffet offers an all-you-can-eat experience. With a wide range of cuisines from around the world, this buffet caters to everyone’s palate.

  5. Starbucks: For those who crave familiar flavors, there’s a Starbucks located in the retail mall area, offering its regular menu of coffee, tea, pastries, and more.

  6. McCall’s Heartland Grill: An upscale steakhouse located in the Stratosphere Hotel, McCall’s Heartland Grill offers a variety of hearty fare ranging from steaks and seafood to creative cocktails.

Whether you are looking for an exquisite dining experience at Top of the World, a relaxing drink at SkyLounge, or a quick snack at 108 Eats, the Stratosphere Tower has something to suit all tastes.

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The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod  –  2000 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89104
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