Discover Casa in Tulum Mexico

Cenote Casa Features:

*Admission cost is 120 Pesos.

*Rent a single Kayak for 100 pesos and a double kayak for 200 pesos.

*No sunscreen is allowed even biodegradable ones.

*They also rent paddle boards, life preservers and snorkel gear.  

*Tour guides are available and the croc is almost a pet.

*Great for snorkeling.

*See small fish, experience the mangroves and meet Panchito the crocodile (not alligator) that lives here.

*Cenote Casa can get very busy so go early.

*Rent a locker for 50 pesos.

*Ten minutes from Tulum & about $15 taxi from Dreams.

Casa Cenote is river like & has a dive spot!

Mexico is famous for its hidden beauty, the cenotes. This place has some surreal looking cenotes which are definitely worth a visit if you are planning a trip to Mexico. Cenote Casa is one of the most extraordinary cenotes in Tulum. It is situated ten kilometers north of Tulum and seventy kilometers South of Playa del Carmen. It is in the vicinity of Riviera Maya and a perfect cenote for you to check out if you are a tourist or even a local.

The cenote is exceptionally beautiful with crystal clear and clean water. Its emerald green water looks exquisite and is the highlight of this cenote. The freshwater of this cenote opens up towards the ocean. It is one of those quiet cenotes where you can be on your own, relaxing, chilling by the water with no crowds as such.

You can take a swim in this cenote easily where there is shallow water. The depth of this cenote is approximately twenty-five feet which is eight meters. You can swim till the part where a warning sign is put up that do not go ahead without a guide. Another scary warning is that there is a section where crocodiles are present, so you need to avoid that area of the cenote. This cenote is a great place for snorkeling and diving. Divers choose this cenote for a refreshing experience.

Snorkeling is a treat here as there is so many fish present down there, it is a different experience. You get to see a variety of species of fish and the ecosystem as well. Towards the shallower area, you can put in your feet for a fish pedicure, people love it as they nibble at your feet quite decently which relaxes you. The mangroves making their way into the river look extremely beautiful as well. The cenote is surrounded by greenery enhancing its beauty even more.

A few tips that can help visitors are that they should take their towels with them because they might not get any there. Avoid the use of sunblock, makeup etc. so you do not harm the fish. There are many facilities like restaurants nearby, rental of snorkeling items, lockers and also a snack shop. There is an entrance fee to this site.

To get to this cenote you can take the colectivo or walk if you live close by because taking your car can be dangerous because of the route. At the end of the day, this experience will give you the best memories of your Tulum trip.

Google Map Of Casa Cenote

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