Timeshare Promotions: Learn About Vacation Club Ownership!


Looking For Timeshare Vacation Promotions?

Resorts and hotels are looking for prospect to attend a 90 to 120 minute timeshare presentation about their vacation services!

In exchange for your time and qualifying for the promotion you get up to a 70% discount on your stay.

Qualify & give the resort 90 to 120 minutes to tell you about their vacation ownership and membership deals!
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 Timeshare promotions also know as timeshare offers, allow consumers to tour a resort at a discounted rate for listening to a sales pitch!  All that is required by the consumer is to qualify under the resorts terms and attend a timeshare presentation. 

The timeshare presentation occurs on one of the mornings of your stay and is 90 to 120 minutes.  You do not need to purchase a timeshare, just give the resort the opportunity to show you what they have to offer!

There are two major types of timeshare promotions. 

*All Inclusive Timeshare Promotions:

These are mainly located in Mexico and include all your meals, drinks, and alcohol.  These have the most qualifications and require a major credit card to use!

*Accomodtion Only Timeshare Promotions:

These are easier to qualify for and are located all over the world.  Usa timeshare promotions are accomodation only and at certain times of the year you can travel with a debit card!

The basic qualifications for timeshare promotions are:

* Be between the ages of 28 & 70!

* Be married, in a committed relationship, single female,or a divorced female!

* Make at least $45,000 combined annual income!

* Be a USA, Canadian, or Mexico resident!

* Have a major credit or debit card!

* Be planning your vacation at least 15 days in advance.   Plan 45+ days in advance to get the best resort deals!

Each resort has their own qualifications and they vary slightly from resort to resort.

We guarantee approval for the resort you choose and your dates or you will pay nothing!  We want your recommendation and referral.  These timeshare offers are a great deal and save you up to $1500 on your vacation stay.  The pictures above and the menu bar will take you to more detailed information on our resort promotions!  Join us on Facebook, through email, or on any of the social networks listed below.


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