Cliff Jumping in Los Cabos

Cliff jumping in Cabo is scarce, but there is one popular spot that is great for this thrilling activity. Pelican Rock at Land’s End is known for being a great area for cliff diving as well as snorkeling and whale watching. Land’s End is located at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula and is also the location of the famous El Arco rock formation.

You can swim out to Pelican Rock from Lover’s Beach or, if you are arriving by boat, as the driver to get closer to the rock so that you don’t have to swim too far. The rock is a bit of a climb for inexperienced climbers and it is best to wear water shoes when you do it. Be sure to aim when you are jumping!

There are some smaller rocks nearby for a jump of approximately 4-5 feet. Otherwise, the jump from Pelican Rock is easily 20 feet.

Getting to Cliff Jumping Areas in Cabo

You can get to Pelican Rock and El Arco by taking a water taxi from Medano Beach or the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Tell the driver that you are going to Lover’s Beach. Once you arrive, find a spot in the sand for all of your stuff and swim out to Pelican Rock for a cliff jump or two.

Disclaimer alert: cliff jumping can be dangerous. You may already know this, but please do your research before participating in any activity that can cause you harm.

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