Kelly Slater Statue

Like any small town with big pride, Cocoa Beach boasts of being the birthplace of hometown hero, Kelly Slater. Kelly who? Kelly Slater!

Kelly Slater is, hands down, the greatest surfer of all time. He holds an unprecedented 11 world titles, making him both the youngest and oldest men’s champion in history. Usually famous for astronauts and rocket launches, Cocoa Beach holds the honor of being the backyard and playground of this daring pioneer who pushes personal limits and plays in the untamed places others dare not venture. Like walking on the moon, what Kelly Slater has accomplished most likely won’t happen again for a very long time.

The Kelly Slater statue, located at 4th St. North and A1A, pays homage to this Space Coast icon. Sculpted by Cocoa Beach artist Tasha Drazich, the 9 1/2 foot-high, bronze statue was built to withstand the elements, just like the man himself.

Visitors are encouraged to stop and pay homage to the legend; this larger than life golden surfer boy executing one of his signature moves. With parking across the street, you can surf the waves of cars and shoot across A1A to grab a selfie with the one of a kind statue any time of the day or night.

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