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Cenotes are a specialty of Mexico. There is an underworld of these cenotes which are breathtakingly beautiful and a sight worth seeing. In a cenote, the water temperature is usually around 23 degree centigrade. The water is incredibly clear with various formations around it and the roofs above it are covered with fragile yet beautiful stalactites. This creates a mirror like effect giving an almost surreal view to the visitors.

Basically, cenotes were formed by limestone and calcium carbonate which were considered to be an important ritual center for the Mayan culture. According to them these cenotes were the link to underworld, therefore there were so many archaeological remains discovered. 

This cenote is located in a jungle outside of Tulum, Mexico which turned into a tourist attraction and also a locally famous spot to visit. The Pet Cemetery Cenote is extremely beautiful, there is quite less of sunlight which makes its way in there that looks like pockets of darkness, there is a lot of fish in there and most importantly beneath all of it there is a soft surface which revealed to be the remains of animal bones.

The Pet Cemetery Cenote holds its own significance in a different way because this cenote has animal remains found there. These remains include the lower jawbone of a tapir and solidified relics of extinct ancient camels. This is a major reason why this cenote is famous, even when you look at its name you get a spooky vibe from the word cemetery.

Its beauty is enhanced by the two caves that surround it, one is called the Blue Abyss and other one is known as the Dark Side of the Moon. This site is astonishing with all the beauty that it holds, at the start of this cenote is a very rustic wooden staircase that leads to this incredible turquoise blue crystal-clear water.

The people who look after this cenote, make it a point that the skeletons and old remains are not ruined as they are an important factor in this cenote to be popular. This cenote is also not suitable for scuba diving. It requires specialized training for cave diving. However, snorkeling is a safe option for visitors to enjoy being in the refreshing water.

The cenote is highly decorated with low hanging stalactites and other formations. It is advised that the snorkelers and divers choose a path that will not lead them to hamper any remains of the animals or anything in general so that it can be preserved for the generations to come.

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