Discover Seaworld: An Ocean Of Fun In Florida!

SeaWorld Orlando, located in Orlando, Florida, is a marine zoological park and theme park combo that offers a unique blend of thrilling rides, awe-inspiring animal exhibits, and live entertainment. 

Founded in 1973, SeaWorld Orlando is a place where guests can learn about the world’s oceans and the array of life that inhabits them, all while enjoying a fun-filled day of rides and shows.

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Tickets and Pricing

As of May 2023, the general admission prices for SeaWorld Orlando are as follows:

– Single-day ticket: $89.99 for adults and children over the age of 3. Children under 3 are admitted free of charge.
– Two-park ticket: $109.99, granting access to both SeaWorld and Aquatica, SeaWorld’s water park.
– Three-park ticket: $149.99, granting access to SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

SeaWorld also offers an annual pass, which includes unlimited admission to SeaWorld and other perks such as free parking, guest tickets, and discounts on dining and shopping. The annual pass starts at $144.00.

Attractions and Experiences

SeaWorld Orlando is known for its thrilling rides, captivating animal exhibits, and educational experiences.

1. **Thrill Rides**: The park boasts several high-adrenaline roller coasters, including Mako, Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster, Manta, a unique ride that simulates the graceful movements of a manta ray, and Kraken Unleashed, a floorless coaster known for its high-speed loops and turns.

2. **Animal Exhibits**: SeaWorld is home to a diverse array of marine life. Visit the Dolphin Nursery to see mother dolphins and their calves, or stop by the Sea Lion and Otter Theater for an entertaining show. The Penguin Encounter allows you to step into a frozen world inhabited by over 200 penguins, while the Shark Encounter takes you through a submerged tunnel for a 360-degree view of sharks and other underwater creatures.

3. **Interactive Programs**: SeaWorld offers several programs that allow guests to interact with animals under the supervision of expert trainers. From feeding sea lions and stingrays to a behind-the-scenes tour or a trainer-led dolphin encounter, these experiences are both fun and educational.

Special Events

SeaWorld Orlando hosts several events throughout the year that offer unique experiences and entertainment:

1. **Seven Seas Food Festival**: Held in the spring, this event offers over 180 international gourmet cuisine options and a wide variety of craft beers, along with live concerts.

2. **Electric Ocean**: This summertime event transforms the park into an underwater, neon-lit spectacle with music, performances, and a stunning nighttime fireworks display.

3. **Halloween Spooktacular**: A family-friendly event held in October, featuring trick-or-treat stations, Halloween-themed shows, and fun activities for kids.

4. **Christmas Celebration**: During the holiday season, SeaWorld lights up with festive decorations, a holiday-themed sea lion show, and a special visit from Santa Claus.

Dining and Shopping

SeaWorld offers a variety of dining options, from quick bites to full-service restaurants. The Sharks Underwater Grill, for instance, offers an upscale dining experience with a panoramic window into the shark tank.

The park also has several shops selling everything from SeaWorld-themed merchandise to animal plush toys and educational books.

Conservation Efforts

SeaWorld is committed to conservation and animal rescue. Through its SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, it supports wildlife research, habitat protection, animal rescue, and conservation education.


SeaWorld Orlando is more than just a theme park. It is a place of wonder and discovery, where thrilling rides meet educational encounters with marine life. From the adrenaline rush of roller coasters to the joy of interacting with dolphins, from the majesty of underwater worlds to the excitement of live shows and events, SeaWorld offers a world of fun and learning for guests of all ages.

The park’s commitment to conservation and animal rescue further enhances its appeal, making a visit to SeaWorld not just an entertaining experience, but also an opportunity to support important environmental efforts. With its blend of education, adventure, and entertainment, SeaWorld Orlando truly offers a unique and memorable experience for every visitor.

So, whether you’re a thrill-seeker, an animal lover, or someone looking for a fun, educational day out, SeaWorld Orlando is a must-visit destination in Florida. Dive in and discover a world of wonder and excitement that awaits beneath the surface!

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SeaWorld Orlando – 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821
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