Kin Ha (Rute De Cenotes)

Discover Cenote Kin Ha!

Kin Ha FAQ’s:

*No picture taking allowed at this cenote!

*Buying their pictures can cost up to 50 bucks!

*There are 3 cenotes here one of which is dry.

*You get one cenote for 300, 2 cenotes for 400, add horseback riding for 200 to 400 Pesos or take the full tour for 1200 Pesos.

*There are ATV jungle tours here which can cost up to $1200 Pesos.

*Over 200 TripAdvisor reviews with an overall 4.0 rating.

*There are complaints about the ATV tour which state you should avoid it.  Many claim there is an ATV insurance scam here and the ATV’s are really rundown.

*There are bathrooms, lockers and life jackets available.

*There are hammocks, a bar and some swings.

*There is a closed cave cenote and an open cenote here at Kin Ha.

*There are zip lines and platform cliff diving.

*Cenote one has opening you can jump into (cave) is shallower and ranges from 12 foot to 16 feet in depth.

*Cenote 2 is an open cenote and is 6 foot to 50 feet deep.

*There are gardens and a gardener onsite.

*Getting out of cenote one requires climbing a ladder.  Make sure you are fit enough to get out!

*The zip lines are short but still a lot of fun.

*The phone number is listed as +52 998 231 0109.

*The address is carretera puerto morelos-leona vicario km19 Quintana Roo 77539.

Cenote Kin Ha Video Collection:

Cenote Kin Ha Overview:

Cenote Kin Ha is one of the tourist attractions sites in Puerto Morelos. It is majorly known for beautiful caves and even more beautiful cenotes that are filled with lush blue water. It holds an intriguing factor as it is considered as the entrance door to the Mayan underworld.

It is one of those very peaceful and quiet places but enjoyable as well. It is a great spot for family visit. There are many facilities such as food, restrooms, ziplining, horseback riding etc. which provide full entertainment for anyone visiting. It is a hidden gem of Puerto Morelos, with its exquisite view that brings calm.

Kin Ha Map & Directions:

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