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Experience Swimming With Dolphins on your next Cabo San Lucas vacation!

Looking to go swimming with dolphins while your in Cabo?  There are several options available.  The top two companies rated on TripAdvisor are Cabo Adventures and Dolphin Discovery.  Get the latest deals for Dolphin Discovery here.  Cabo Adventures has over 1,600 excellent reviews on their TripAdvisor Profile.  Cabo Adventures also offers zip lining, whale watching and about a dozen other activities.  Keep that in mind when you compare them to Dolphin Discovery who specializes in just dolphin swims.  Dolphin Discovery’s TripAdvisor Page has over 500 excellent reviews.  Let us know what your experience was when you get back!

Swimming with Dolphins in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is home to a diverse ecosystem of wildlife. Without getting too close, you will be able to see tropical fish, iguanas, dolphins, sea lions, and sometimes whales. Want to get a bit more up close and personal with some of these creatures? Look no further than Los Cabos’ dolphin swims.

Where to Swim with Dolphins in Los Cabos

Cabo Adventures

Cabo Adventures offers tours and excursions around Los Cabos and the neighboring area. They have several dolphin experiences to choose from depending on who is in your travel group.

The dolphin encounter is for anyone over the age of 1 and involves shallow water dolphin petting and a photo. The dolphin signature swim is much more involved and for anyone older than 4. A small group will swim out into the pool for a nearly 40 minute dolphin swim. In both cases, you will interact with Pacific bottle-nosed dolphins, pet them, and learn more about them.

Everyone gets a life jacket as safety is very important.

Cabo Adventures is located at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas and can be reached easily by taxi from any area hotel.

Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery is located at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas and is one of the four dolphinariums in Los Cabos. This location has several dolphin swim packages to choose from. Whether you are looking for minimal contact like the Dolphin Encounter or something more involved like getting pulled across the water while holding onto two dolphin fins (Dolphin Royal Swim Plus), you will find it all at Dolphin Discovery.

The dolphinarium makes every effort to ensure the health of the bottle-nosed dolphins in their care and the safety of their visitors. Medical staff are on site daily and the dolphins receive check-ups and are fed a balanced diet.

Getting to the dolphinariums

All four of the dolphinariums in Los Cabos are located in the Marina area. Once you make your choice, speak with your hotel concierge about arranging a taxi to the location. If you call your destination, they may even send a shuttle for you for a round-trip to your dolphin swim adventure.

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