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San Miguelito Ruins (Cancun)

San Miguelito Mayan Ruin Videos:

Visiting the San Miguelito Ruins in Cancun

What to see at San Miguelito

Located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, the archaeological site of San Miguelito is home to over a dozen structures that date back to 1250 AD. Though the original name of the site is lost to history, San Miguelito is named after the coconut ranch on which it was found. The central structures of the ruins include a palace with 17 columns and a small pyramid, in addition to numerous ruins of Mayan dwellings. The area was part of an extensive Mayan trade network which was effectively destroyed by the Spanish colonization of the area in the 1500s.

The main structure of the San Miguelito ruins, and a major draw of tourists to the site, is the Chaac Palace, on the north side of the plaza and is surprisingly well preserved. The entrance to the palace contains iconography of the Rain God, Chaac, the patron of agriculture. You will also find the Dragon complex at the ruins, which features detailed hieroglyphics of animals. 

There is an entrance fee of 70 pesos (approximately $5 USD) to enter San Miguelito, but if you are visiting the Museo Maya de Cancun, access is included.

Getting to San Miguelito

The ruins of San Miguelito are accessible by short taxi ride or walking, depending on where you are staying in the Cancun Hotel Zone. The ruins are on the property of the Museo Maya de Cancun, both of which are known to locals and taxi drivers alike. You can book a tour from your hotel or via a site like TripAdvisor.

Activities Near San Miguelito Ruins

The magnificent Museo Maya de Cancun is the premiere institution for learning about Mayan history and has the most significant collection of archeological artifacts from Mayan culture. It is the home of the San Miguelito ruins and is next to another Mayan ruin, El Rey, which is one mile south of the museum. We wrote about the El Rey ruins in another article here [Link].

Fun Things To Do Near San Miguelito Ruins:

Map Of The Ruins At San Miguelito:


Have you been to the Mayan Ruins at San Miguelito? Did you visit the other local Cancun Ruins? Tell us about your visit and any suggestions you might have.

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