Riding ATVs in Los Cabos

Riding an ATV is an exhilarating experience. Though some can be turned off by the power of an ATV, UTV, or dirt bike, off-roading in Los Cabos is a safe and fun way to spend half a day. There are several tour and excursion companies that will help you have the adventure of a lifetime. Below are our favorites.

Where to Ride ATVs in Cabo

G-Force Adventures

G-Force Adventures has a reputation for being a tour company that offers everything all-terrain. You can take a tour on ATV, UTV, or even horseback through the Baja California desert or beach. The company has a dozen tour packages to choose from ranging from 2 hours to 5 hours with a cost from $110 to $230 depending on the attraction. The basic package involves exploring the beaches and desert landscape of Los Cabos on an ATV through an exclusive route. Depending on the month, you might even get to see whales from your vantage point. A more advanced package includes a thrilling race across the Baja desert over 5 hours – twice as long as the latest Mad Max movie, which is only slightly different from this tour package.

Cabo Adventures

Cabo Adventures organizes a UTV riding adventure as part of their ziplining package. UTVs are a bit different from ATVs in that they are generally made for a utilitarian purpose and not necessarily for recreation. However, they are just as fun to ride and go fast across the desert terrain and trails. Plus, you get to zipline along with the ride; who can complain?

Getting to ATV Trails in Los Cabo

You can reach Cabo Adventures at their headquarters in the Marina area of Cabo San Lucas. Contact them directly for complimentary transportation to and from your hotel as part of the tour booking. G-Force Adventures will pick you up from your hotel, but the park itself is located at Highway Cabo San Lucas-La Paz Km. 99.5, Migriño, Cabo San Lucas.

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