Playacar Ruins

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Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Playacar

Why visit the Playacar Ruins?

For one thing, these Mayan ruins are free to visit; something that cannot be said for the majority of ruins scattered across the Yucatan. There is a connection between the ruins of Playacar, also known as Xaman-Ha, and other ruins in the area on Cozumel Island: worship of the Goddess Ixchel. Playacar provided a launching point for Maya women who set off on annual pilgrimages to Cozumel.

This is your chance to see incredible Mayan heritage and culture so close to the hotel zone in Playa del Carmen. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived at Cozumel, Playacar was thought to have been their next stop and the first mainland settlement they stepped foot on. Only three sites from the original eight still remain and the area was closely connected to Tulum and Coba through a trade network. There are detailed signs of the architecture which made use of wood, stone, and palm fronds.

Getting to Playacar Ruins

If you are staying in Playa del Carmen, the ruins of Playacar are easily accessible by foot or taxi. The two ruin sites are both accessed off Avenida 10. If you do not want to make the walk in the stifling heat, your hotel concierge can call you a taxi which will take you to both sites.

If you are traveling from Cancun, make sure to book a tour with TripAdvisor for a day in Playa del Carmen and sightseeing at the Playacar ruins. A one-way trip will take you an hour’s drive and there is much more to see in the area which is also close to Xcaret Park.

Map Of The Ruins At Playacar:

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