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Daytona Beach Beach Access Points & Notes

Discover The Beach In Daytona Beach:

discover daytona beach through a timeshare promotion deal (13)Florida’s east coast is renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant coastal communities, and the area between Ormond Beach and Ponce Inlet is no exception. This stretch of coastline, which includes the legendary Daytona Beach, offers a variety of beach access points to suit any beachgoer’s preference. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly park with amenities, a tranquil spot to soak up the sun, or a drive-on beach for a unique experience, this area truly has something for everyone.

This guide outlines over 40 beach access points, providing a snapshot of what each has to offer. From parking availability to walk-on and drive-on access points, we’ll help you navigate this spectacular shoreline. Take note of local regulations and always respect the natural beauty of these beaches, ensuring they remain pristine for future visitors. Whether you’re a local or a vacationer, exploring these access points will undoubtedly lead you to your perfect spot in the sand. Happy beaching!

Watch Videos Of People Driving On The Beach:

Overview Of Daytona's Beach Access Points:

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This list expands from north (Ormond Beach) to south (Ponce Inlet) and many are back open since the hurricane passed through in 2022.

1. **Seminole Ave** – Offers parking, with an easy walk to the beach.
2. **Across from Beachside Johnny’s** – A walk-on beach access point, useful if you’re visiting the nearby establishment.
3. **Rockefeller Drive** – Another parking-accessible spot, making it convenient for day trips to the beach.
4. **River Beach Drive** – A walk-on access point.
5. **Cardinal Drive Beach Park** – This spot offers parking and is close to many amenities in the area.
6. **Romano Beachfront Park** – Offers parking, along with amenities such as picnic areas, a splash park, and restrooms.
7. **Harvard Drive** – A drive-on access point, reflecting the area’s tradition of beach driving.
discover daytona beach through a timeshare promotion deal (14)8. **Boylston Ave** – Offers parking for beach visitors.
9. **Hartford Ave** – Another drive-on beach access point.
10. **Seaview Ave** – A walk-on access point.
11. **University Blvd** – Offers parking for beachgoers.
12. **Hard Rock Beach, south of the hotel** – This access point offers parking and is located near the famous Hard Rock Hotel.
13. **Glenview Blvd** – This beach access point includes parking.
14. **Daytona Boardwalk** – Here you’ll find parking, shops, entertainment, and of course, the beach.
15. **World’s Most Famous Beach** – This iconic spot allows drive-on beach access.
16. **505 S Atlantic, north and south of here** – Both access points offer parking.
17. **Silver Beach** – Offers parking for visitors.
18. **Botefuhr Ave** – This is a drive-on beach access point.
19. **Sunrise Blvd** – Provides parking for beach visitors.
20. **Florida Shores Blvd, Frank Rendon Park** – Provides parking and has additional amenities such as a playground, restrooms, and picnic areas.
21. **El Portal Beach** – A drive-on beach access point.
22. **Fornari Park** – Provides parking and is located close to a residential area.
23. **Dunlawton Blvd** – This is another drive-on beach access point.
24. **Dahlia Ave Park** – Provides parking and a walkway to the beach.
25. **Phyllis Ave** – Offers parking for beachgoers.
26. **Emilia Ave** – A drive-on beach access point.
27. **Wilbur Beach at Heron St** – Offers parking.
28. **Toronita Ave Beach Park** – Provides parking and restrooms.
29. **Curlew Ave Boardwalk** – A walk-on access point with a scenic boardwalk.
discover daytona beach through a timeshare promotion deal30. **Major St Boardwalk** – Provides parking and a walkway to the beach.
31. **Carriage St Boardwalk** – This is a walk-on access point.
32. **Ponce Preserve** – Offers parking, trails, and beach access.
33. **Winterhaven Park** – Provides parking and a pavilion.
34. **Oceanview Ave** – Offers parking.
35. **Glenview Ave Boardwalk** – A walk-on access point with a boardwalk to the beach.
36. **Calumet Ave Boardwalk** – A walk-on beach access point.
37. **Inlet Harbor Rd** – Provides parking for beachgoers.
discover daytona beach through a timeshare promotion deal (4)38. **Beach St** – This is a drive-on beach access point.

39. **Ponce Inlet Park** – This location has paid access and parking, along with amenities like picnic areas and restrooms.

40. **Lighthouse Point Park** – This park, in addition to having parking, is known for its historic lighthouse and nature trails. Most importantly for pet owners, as of my last training data in 2021, this was the only dog-friendly beach in the Daytona area. Visitors should check with the park’s current regulations to confirm this.

Remember, always check local regulations regarding beach access, parking, and permissible activities. Beach conditions, accessibility, and amenities can change due to weather, maintenance, and other local factors. This list should be used as a starting point, and all details should be verified with up-to-date local resources.

See A Map Of Daytona Beach, Beach Access Points:

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