Ponce Inlet Ice Cream

Ho Daddy o's Surf Cream (Ice Cream & Surfing Camp)

Address:  4600 S Atlantic Ave, Ponce Inlet, FL 32127  Phone:  (386) 760-4459
Looking for an ice cream stop in the Ponce Inlet area?  The obvious choice is Ho Daddy O’s Surf Cream.  
Ho Daddy Os Surf Cream Ponce Inlet Ice Cream Stop

Ho Daddy O's Surfing Camp

Surfing camp is open June & July.

To register for the Ponce Inlet surfing camp or get more info call: (407) 539-4844  (Print the camps flier here.)

Ho Daddy O's Surf and Sport Camps

Meet Ho Daddy O's Surf Cream & Surf Camp Owner

Ho Daddy Os Surf Cream Ponce Inlet ice creamLooking for someone to teach your kids how to swim in the ocean, surf or just be more competent in the water?  Maybe it’s not surfing but paddle boarding.  Michael O’Shaughnessy is the owner of Ponce Inlet’s Ho Daddy O’s Surf Cream, Ho Daddy O’s Surfing School and a real estate agency.  Mike holds the world’s record for paddle boarding from Cuba to the USA (called the Florida Straits) and crossed the English Channel (he did it in 5 hours and 9 minutes) on a paddle board.  

He is a graduate from Florida’s UFC and played football there as a defensive end.  He holds the record for the most sacks in a single game (5) set in 1979.  Mike also has 22 career sacks and graduated from UCF in 2010.   He has an extensive Wikipedia here.

You can read more about Michael O’Shaughnessy here.  If you are looking for a better teacher, you might have to look around.  If Mike can make it across the Caribbean or the English Channel, I think he might have some good advice to share.  He is an author of two books (Millennium Woman and Blue Collar Iron Man, co- authored with Dr. Frank Rohter).  Michael co-founded along with his wife, the Millennium Woman’s Foundation.  This non-profit organization has funded over 250 educational scholarships to single-parent females nationwide.

Mike also owns a Real Estate Company he started in 1986 called Michael O’Shaughnessy Real Estate Brokers.  It is located:  201 West Canton Avenue, Suite 44
Winter Park, Florida 32789.  You can be reach Mike and his team about real estate here:  Office: 407.628.4430  Cell: 407.539.4844

Where You Scared? (Hell Yeah, are you kiddin me!)

Michael O' Shaughnessy Guinness World Record Holder

If you were curious how someone might paddle across the Caribbean?  Have a look at this as Mike paddles into the lion’s mouth!  Mike got to see a whale up close and almost became breakfast for some hungry sharks.  Where you scared…  lol

What Else Has Mike Been A Part Of?

*Founder of the Key West Classic annual paddleboard race held annually around Key West. *Created and maintains the Annual EAST COAST PADDLEBOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Key West - now Ponce Inlet, Florida - as of 2010, in its 13th year. *Created the Trinity Paddle - English Channel, Loch Ness and Irish Sea - paddling 3 bodies of water in nine days, 2006. *Holds the Guinness World Record on the English Channel of 5:08 (Five Hours and Eight Minutes), 2006. *Holds the Unofficial World Record on Loch Ness of 5:47 (Five Hours and Forty Seven Minutes), 2006. (3 AM start - 40 degree water 40 degree air temp) *Holds the Unofficial World Record on the Irish Sea from Fair Head Ballycastle to The Mull of Kintrye, Scotland in 2:39 (Two Hours and Thirty Nine Minutes), eclipsing the old record by over 3 ½ hours set by Hennessey Expedition Team, 2006. *Created Olde Daytona Beach Ocean Festival, 2005.[9] Created the "Poor Man’s Catalina" – a first ever in the sport, paddling solo no escort from Abalone Cove – Palos Verdes to White's Beach - Catalina (22 miles) and back the next day from Abalone to Torrance Beach (28 miles), 2001. *Cape Canaveral Paddle - paddled 28 miles from Playlinda Beach to Cocoa Beach - Pre 9/11. Paddled Alcatraz / San Francisco Bay, 2000. *Introduced the first Unlimited paddleboard to Ireland, 1998. Introduced paddle boarding to the Cuban media June, 2000 Marina Hemingway, Cuba *Created and Designed & Maintained www.paddleboards.com for ten years, which later merged with BARKOCEAN to form www.paddleboard.com. *Established Leslie Rules "One Hundred Fools" Paddling Club and The Leslie Rules Label, 1998. *First person from Florida to paddle in the Catalina Classic, 1998 & 1999. *Created The Daytona Beach Surf and Paddle Club, 1998. *Six time Overall Winner of the Florida State Paddleboard Championships.[11] *Four time Overall Winner of East Coast Paddleboard Championships. *Notable Finishes: *2000 Velzy - Stevens Pier- to - Pier Paddleboard Race 1st - 40 + Division. *2000 US Paddle Board Championships 4th - 40 + Division and 5th Overall. *1999 US Paddleboard Championships 3rd - 40+ Division and 7th Overall. *As of 2008 participated in over 53 paddleboard races, taking 1st in all categories 30 times, 7 times Second Place, 4 Third Places and 3 Fourth Place finishes. *Creator of the East Coast and Florida State Paddleboard perpetual Trophies. *Founder of East Coast Paddleboard Association, not for profit 501C3.

Map Location Of Ho Daddy's O's:

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