Birthplace Of Speed Park Ormond Beach

Birthplace of Speed Park (Ormond Beach):

Imagine twenty-three miles of quartz sand shimmering in the Florida sun, welcoming you to Ormond Beach and the Birthplace of Speed Park. Settling into your beach chair, toes in the water, drink in hand, the blue waves of the Atlantic lull you to sleep, transporting you back in time… 

The roar of engines and a cheering crowd grab your attention. Pulling the sunglasses from your eyes, you are surprised to see onlookers, dressed in old fashioned clothing, watching eagerly as antique vehicles line up ready to take off.

In this front row seat to history, you smile as Henry Ford, Louis Chevrolet, and others capture the imagination of the crowd as they use racing to generate interest in their new state of the art automobiles. You can’t take your eyes away as the Bullet, driven by Alexander Winton, reaches a whopping 68 mph, unheard of at that time! You continue to watch as the world’s best drivers take center stage on this magnificent stretch of beach. 

As the sun slowly sinks in the sky, you awaken from your reverie. A relaxing day at the beach and the need for speed both satisfied. Life is good today.

Birthplace Of Speed Address:

21 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

Birthplace Of Speed Hours:

Open 6AM–7PM Everyday!

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