Daytona Beach Area Foot Massage

Do you Love a good foot massage?

The Daytona Beach area offers a lot of choices for a good massage or foot rub.  I personally use two spots, one landside Daytona Beach and one in Port Orange.  Both are excellent and ofer a good foot run for a fair price.  You can even find discount coupons from time to time which makes a foot rub so much nicer!

Don't know much about your feet?

If you are unsure about a foot massage I have to say GO!  Even if you are ticklish, it’s not after you relax.  The masseuse is not trying to tickle but relax.  I can’t say enough about this one type of physical service.  If you have sore feet, a good foot massage will be just what you need.  

Learn About Reflexology:

I found this video just fascinating.  I had heard that our feet are connected to everything in our bodies.  In this video, listen to this expert as she shares her years of experience and detail what parts of your feet are connected to what parts of your body.  

I Personally Recommend & Have Used These Services:

I really love the idea of a room with chairs like what you have in a nail salon.  Bothe of these massage services offer just that.  Bin Pro Spa has really nice reclining chairs that are electric (3 chairs) but Body & Foot Massage Of Daytona has a larger space a bigger foot massage room (6 chairs).  Both are excellent and you should call to set an appointment.  Both get pretty busy.

(386) 281-3248

1365 Beville Rd, Daytona Beach, FL 32119

Map Of Foot Massage Places Near Daytona Beach:

Where are all the foot massage places in the Daytona Beach area located?  Below is a Google Map that can help you find your next foot masage.

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