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Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park Ormond Beach

Stuff To Know About Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park:

Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park is a beautiful and tranquil public park located in Ormond Beach, Florida. The park is situated on a 5-acre site that is surrounded by the Halifax River and offers visitors a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The park is home to a variety of natural and man-made attractions, including a butterfly garden, a rose garden, and a pond filled with koi fish. There are also several walking trails that wind through the park’s gardens, providing visitors with a chance to take in the park’s natural beauty.

In addition to its gardens, Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park is also home to several historical buildings, including the Anderson-Price Memorial Building and the Casements Annex. These buildings offer visitors a glimpse into the area’s rich history and provide a unique backdrop for events and weddings.

The park is open year-round and is free to the public. It is a popular destination for picnics, family outings, and wedding ceremonies, and offers a variety of amenities, including picnic tables, benches, and restrooms.

Overall, Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park is a hidden gem in Ormond Beach and offers visitors a chance to experience the natural beauty of the area in a peaceful and serene setting. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or a beautiful location for a special event, Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park is definitely worth a visit.

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Where Is Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park?

Bailey Riverbridge Gardens Park is located at:  1 N Beach St, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

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