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Iron Axe Bar & Grill

Stuff To Know About Iron Axe Bar & Grill:

Imagine the smell of fresh split lumber, the feel of a two pound axe leaving the safety of your hand, the sound of a steel blade slicing through the air, and the sharp thud of metal sinking into its target. Nice shot! The Iron Axe Bar & Grill invites you to kick back, relax and learn to throw an axe. You’ll throw like a pro with WATL certified axes engineered for axe throwers of all skill levels. 

This premier sports bar and axe throwing venue is the perfect place to enjoy a good meal, sip some suds, and meet new friends. Come and sit around the fire pit, hang out at the tiki bar, play a rousing game of corn hole, or catch a game on the big screen. The Iron Axe offers NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL packages, as well as PPV events including boxing! If you’re looking to forge some fun, then your axe is in the right place!

Videos At Iron Axe Bar & Grill:

Where Is Iron Axe Bar & Grill?

Iron Axe Bar & Grill is located in South Daytona at: 2842 S Ridgewood Ave, South Daytona, FL 32119

Pictures Of Iron Axe Bar & Grill:

Menu: Iron Axe Bar & Grill:

Iron Axe Bar & Grill South Daytona Florida Menu

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