Discover Cenote La Noria!

Discover all the local cenotes along the Ruta De Cenote strip:  Cenote Siete Bocas, Cenote Las Mojarras, Cenote Verde Lucero, Cenote Boca del Puma, Kin Ha, Zapote and La Noria.

Videos of Cenote La Noria:

Check out this La Noria video collection and see what other consumers and visitors have done and shared.

Things to Know about Cenote La Noria:

*La Noria is a closed cave cenote.

*Open 9 am to 5 pm daily.

*Free parking onsite with shower, toilets and lockers

*Life jackets are provided for a fee.

*Sun doesn’t touch the water so the water can be very cold!

*There are steps leading down to the cenote.  Doesn’t look handicap friendly at all.

*There is a cliff diving area.

*There are bats flying around the top of the cave.  There is bat poop in the water.

*Bring your own snorkel equipment.

*There is no ban on photography here, take all the photos you like!

*Perfect activity for a rainy day!

*300 Pesos for tourists and 200 Pesos for locals.

*Bring cenote friendly bug spray, deep jungle.

*Bring food and water,  There is no restaurant but some snacks available at reception.

*There are ropes to swing from and a platform to dive off of.  There is also a short zip line.

*This is a very beautiful cenote with stalactites!

*There is a bumpy drive down a dirt road to get here.

*Cenote is 60 feet deep & 150 feet wide!

*There are hammocks and sunbeds to relax on.

*You can see fish in the water!

Cenote La Noria Overview:

There are quite a lot of cenotes in Puerto Morelos but, visit to La Noria is totally worth it. It is a long bumpy ride through jungle like view. Once you reach the cenote, you cannot help but think it was totally worth the hassle. This cenote is an incredible cave style cenote. It has a natural element linked with it. You can see bats and birds flying while you take a swim in the cenote.

Being a part of route of the cenotes, Cenote La Noria deserves a spot in your next vacation in Puerto Morelos. The cenote is associated to the group called “Los 3 Reyes” and its mostly famous for the freshwater element. Like any other cenote, La Noria also provides ziplining, swings an amazing experience in real turquoise, super clean and fresh water. The cenote in itself is a magical one.

It is a dreamlike view which is very peaceful. There is no crowd as such that hinders the tranquil of this place. It is a bit on the pricier side but definitely a must watch place if in Puerto Morelos. One of the perks living in Puerto Morelos is that it has a close access to the Mayan Jungle which is also a main tourist attraction. The opening time of the cenote is 9 am to 5 pm.

It has other facilities like restrooms, parking, quad bikes on rent, picnic tables, sun beds etc. Another plus for this place is that they do not prohibit or charge for photography. 

Map of Cenote La Noria:

Cenote La Noria is located on Leona Vicario road and is about a 45 minute drive from Playa Del Carmen or Cancun.  There are a bunch of cenotes here in this area.  From the main highway that runs from Tulum to Cancun (rt 307), just head to Puerto Morelos.  Take the main road about 15 minutes inland.

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