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Nature provides us with views we cannot get over with. Such views include the enchanting cenotes in Mexico. These underground sinkholes provide refreshing experience for the mind and body. A lot of cenotes in Mexico are truly magical and beautiful. Each cenote holds its own significance in the Mayan culture.

Cenote Siete (seven) Bocas is situated in Puerto Morelos which is visited by many tourists. This cenote is situated between the jungles of Mexico. The entrances are small which make way to the underground river system. The name translates to “seven mouths” which means seven entrances of the cenote. Every entrance to this cenote has smaller steps or stairs for you to reach the water.

Some of these entrances have the facility of you jumping right into the water as well. Either of these will let you enjoy your experience in the cenote. This cenote is comparatively underrated than other cenotes nearby. You can have a peaceful time at this cenote with lesser crowd. If you want to visit a cenote which is quiet, then Cenote Seven Bocas is your perfect spot.

It can be a perfect place for a refreshing swim or dive. This cenote makes a favorite spot for the tourists as it is naturally beautiful with wonderful scenery. Most people look for a spot where they can enjoy a picnic with family or friends with a water side to cool down and swim around. Cenote Seven Bocas is approximately thirty to forty meters deeps making it a good dive site.

But, diving at this site is only for advanced level divers. Another name of this cenote is “Milky Way” and it is given by the divers who dive in there. It is because of the huge Hydrosulfide cloud that emerges in the water. Along with that, the presence of stalactite formations also makes it look different as these formations are as long as five meters.

There is an entrance fee to get to the cenote. Many facilities at the site include restrooms, toilets, changing areas, picnic tables, and hammocks etc. There is no restaurant there, so it is better you take your food along with you. There is a beautiful light play at the cenote which is enthralling. The changing colors of the cenote because of light beams makes it extremely photogenic.

It can be perfect for your summer Instagram picture. You can have the best peaceful time at this cenote, so start planning your trip.

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