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One of the most intriguing and captivating cenotes of Puerto Morelos is Cenote Zapote. It is a part of cenote Zapote Eco-Park. The biggest attraction of the park is Cenote Zapote for its beautiful and magical view. Cenote Zapote is another name in the list of cenotes in Puerto Morelos. It is another magnificent cenote which is known for its exquisite charm.

There are many other activities that one can enjoy in the park but mainly tourists visit this place specifically for Cenote Zapote. This cenote has a stalactite formation which adds to its beauty. The cenote was named after the famous tree Sapote which grows nearby and is native to Southern Mexico.

To access this cenote, one has to take the road that connects Puerto Morelos to Valladolid. There are three cenotes that are nearby which are cenote Zapote, cenote Kin Ha and cenote HolBox. But the most popular are Zapote and HolBox. 

There are wooden steps that allow access to the cenote. The depth of this cenote is about sixty-three meters. Cenote Zapote is known as world’s weirdest dive site because once you dive in, it is nothing like what it looks like. It opens up into a huge underwater pothole. Once you’re there you also get to witness the Hell’s Bells which is one of the most famous rock formations. 

At this cenote you are allowed to swim, snorkel, zip line, enjoy a bike ride through the jungle, try authentic dishes to uplift your experience while you’re there. This cenote is near Cancun. It gives access to three other cenotes. It also facilitates its tourists with aquatic zipline as well as jungle zipline, restrooms and snorkeling tour with equipment. 

This cenote opens up at 8 am and closes by 5pm. It does have an entry fee. In terms of accommodation, it is suggested that you look for hotels in Playa del Carmen if you have to visit cenote Zapote. It is at approximately twenty kilometers from Playa del Carmen. The limitations of this cenote are more than any other cenote.

Photography is prohibited, you have to book transport instead of your own car, and quite weird that you cannot bring your snacks or food which means only Yucatan snacks will be your friends there. For scuba diving you will need to have expert certification in order to do it. Only experts are allowed for scuba diving at cenote Zapote. 

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