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Cenotes are basically sinkholes which are usually underground and like natural potholes. Mexico has a lot many cenotes and most of them are quite famous. They are extremely beautiful and a specialty of Mexico. Cenote Gran is another famous name in the list of cenotes in Mexico. It is located near Tulum with some extra kilometers on way to Coba.

This cenote is a famous diving site in the vicinity of Riviera Maya. Even though, by the name, you can tell it would be a grand cenote, but it is a combination of several other cenotes along with it. The water in this cenote is extremely clear and blue. The cenote’s beauty enhances when the light reflects on it which creates different shades on the water making it look even more stunning.

This light play is jaw-dropping when the light penetrates through it. It is a perfect spot for underwater photography or even as a background in your summer pictures. It is so clean that you can see the fish and other snorkelers down there as well. The depth of the cenote is about nine meters. Along with being the best dive site, it is also a great place for snorkeling. It is a very famous cenote for snorkeling. The temperature of water at this cenote is almost 20 degrees centigrade.

Like any other cenote, this cenote is perfect for you to have a relaxed day. It can serve as the spot for a chilled-out family day or a trip with friends just for fun. Cave diving is another element which adds to the features of this cenote. It is the kind of experience which is unmissable if you visit this place. The Cenote Gran has shallow water as well as deep water providing for both snorkelers and divers to enjoy the best of their time. The cenote is open every day of the week from 10 am to 5 pm.

It is almost four to six kilometers if you are coming from Tulum. You can rent a bike, take a colectivo or even walk if you stay nearby. There are many facilities at the cenote like changing areas, washrooms, lockers, restaurants etc. There are gardens by the cenote where you can also chill. Small snack shops are also present there. Overall, if you are in Tulum or nearby area, this cenote is a must visit to refresh yourself from the hustle bustle of daily routine.

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