See Iguanas On Cozumel!

Overview Of Seeing Iguanas On Cozumel Island

Cozumel Island is home to a variety of iguanas, which are often spotted basking in the sun on rocks and trees. Here are a few places you can visit to see iguanas on the island:

1. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park: This ecological reserve is home to a large population of iguanas, which you can observe up close on a nature walk through the park.

2. Chankanaab National Park: This popular park has a large iguana sanctuary where you can see the reptiles up close and learn about their habitat and behavior.

3. San Gervasio Ruins: This Mayan archaeological site is not only fascinating for its ancient history, but it’s also a great spot to spot iguanas in the wild.

4. Cozumel’s eastern coastline: Many iguanas make their homes in the rocky cliffs and dense vegetation along the island’s eastern coast, so keep an eye out as you explore the area.

It’s important to remember to admire the iguanas from a distance and avoid touching or feeding them, as it can be harmful to their health.

Iguanas On Cozumel Map:

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