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If you are in Mexico and make your way to Playa del Carmen, we highly recommend you visiting cenote Azul. It is one of the most popular cenotes there and you will not be disappointed at all. Unlike Cenote La Noria or Cenote Kin Ha, this cenote is open air and provides a worthwhile experience when you swim under the sky.

To enter this place, you will have to buy tickets and after that the cenote can be accessed through a small stepped way which has greenery all around. Its beauty makes it a top-notch experience. It is a perfect place to spend a day with your family or loved ones. It is one of those experiences where you can literally feel little fish nibbling around your feet.

To some this can be a weird feeling but many call it the fish pedicure. This cenote is relatively calm and gives a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.Β 

Cenote Azul is segmented in two sets. When you cross that path the first set arrives which has two of the cenote’s pools. These are small and on each side of the path. Since it is not the main cenote it is relatively quiet and away from the crowd. It is also surrounded by trees to protect you from Mexican sun.

As mentioned above, the cenote is divided in pools there are many pools which are appropriate for different age groups. One is shallower which can be accessed by children. Another is a little deeper in which adults can take a quick dip. There are more which have cliffs from which one can jump.Β 

Some essentials that will be required are cash as you will have to buy many things like snacks, water, or renting a life jacket. you will need your towels because it is a water site and you do not want to go home all wet or buy another set of towels for your home. To get to cenote Azul it is best you stay in Playa del Carmen to enjoy a full day Cenote Azul.

Other than that, you can also rent a car or take the colectivo also known as the local taxi bus. They will drop you at the right spot and in a budget. It is a natural platform which allows you to see the beauty of nature, feel fresh while swimming or looking at the view and have an incredible experience to remember forever.

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