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One of the most marvelous sited cenotes is the Dreamgate cenote. It is situated fifteen minutes from the Ko’ox shop in Playa del Carmen. The entrance of this Dreamgate cenote is about one kilometer South of another cenote which is Dos Ojos. This cenote is a part of Sac Actun system which is one of the largest in the world.

The depth of this cenote is about twenty feet and like many other cenotes it is also decorated with the fragile formations of stalactites etc. It is quite a popular cenote in the area which has a giant air dome on which you can take a look at how the roots of the jungle mingle through the rocks and reach the cenote’s water.

As cenotes are underground features, there are a lot of bats that fly here and there as well. For this cenote, there are a few wooden steps that deck below and to get your equipment you have to use a rope and a pulley. It is not a favorite cenote of divers as its formation is not very dive friendly but still there are divers who come there just for diving.

There are two streams for diving, one is Dreamgate Upstream and Dreamgate Downstream. The divers are suggested to carefully make their way and not harm any of the delicate formations of the cenote.  There is a lot of blind fish that you have a chance to encounter. There is a good sensation of flying between fine formations of stalactites and columns.

There are many facilities available at this cenote such as tables, rest rooms, parking area etc. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The use of sunblock is advised to be avoided as it can harm the marine life. Ethically speaking you should not leave any of your trash in the cenote or throw it in the jungle.

For scuba diving you will need a certification or else you will not be allowed to dive in this cenote. It is also a very different yet beautiful cenote with stair case leading you down to the main cenote. There are a lot of trees present which enhance the beauty of this very cenote. It gives a relaxing environment for the visitors.

It can be a perfect spot for you to have a relaxed, away from the crowd kind of a day where you can be by yourself or with your loved ones. 

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