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Paintball (Cozumel)

Cozumel Island has paintball!!

Looking for a real fun thing to do while on the island of Cozumel?  How about attacking an opponent and bringing them to their knees!  Enjoy an afternoon of strategic fun and a little pain with  these paintball excursions.  All equipment is provided and all you need to do is evade the incoming assault from the enemy.  Don’t let them take you alive!  

One of the top paintball excursions in Cozumel is Gotcha Paintball!  We haven’t been able to find an official website for this place but we did find their Facebook!  There is a collection of videos here that you should definitely check out!  https://www.facebook.com/gotchacozumel.nomercy/videos/

We are reaching out to Gotcha Paintball Cozumel to get more videos for you to check out and perhaps some coupons too!  Save this webpage and stop back for more updates on this fun thing to do!


Have you done paintball on Cozumel Island? Tell us all about your day tearing up the competition on the other side of the field!

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