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Mayan Ruins Mayapan Mexico

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Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Mayapan

Are the Mayapan Ruins worth visiting?

There have been nearly 4000 structures found at this site making it one of the largest ruins in the Yucatan. Though most have not been excavated, there is still much to see in Mayapan, which once was home to nearly 12,000 Maya. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, it was Mayapan that was the last standing civilization of the Maya people. 

You can spend a full day here with your guide, learning about Mayan culture and the history of this ancient city. When you arrive, you will see the longest defensive wall in all of Mesoamerica, at a length of 5.6 miles. The Temple of Kukulkan is the largest structure in Mayapan, standing tall surrounded by smaller temples, altars, and shrines.

While not all ruins are accessible to tourists, there are 26 cenotes in the area that are.

Getting to the Mayapan Ruins

Mayapan can be found 20 miles south-east of the city of Merida and 60 miles west of Chichen Itza in Yucatan. Many tour companies will offer to take you to Mayapan as a package deal along with ruins in the Ruta Puuc; places such as Sayil and Kabah, among others.

Map Of The Ruins Of Mayapan:

Site Address:  Archaeological site of Mayapan – Carretera Mérida – Chetumal, Telchaquillo, 97824 Tecoh, Yuc., Mexico

Have you been to Mayapan and see the ruins there? What ddi you discover about the Mayans and what are your thoughts?

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