Coba Mayan Ruin Videos:

Visiting the Coba Ruins in Yucatan

Are the Coba Ruins worth visiting?

In a word, yes. Coba is a testament to Mayan engineering and architecture. When Coba was booming, the population size rivaled that of Chichen Itza with nearly 55,000 inhabitants living in Coba between 600 AD and 900 AD. The tallest pyramid temple at Coba is Ixmoja which, at 138 feet, is slightly shorter than the tallest Yucatan pyramid in Calakmul (which we reviewed here [link]). It goes without saying that Ixmoja is taller than Chichen Itza’s El Castillo. 

But the thing that makes Coba famous is the same thing that helps you achieve a slick win in Settlers of Catan, the longest road. There have been over 50 sacbeob (white stone roads) uncovered by archaeologists, which allowed the entire area to be properly mapped. If you climbed to the top of Ixmoja, you will see why this would have been a difficult feat as, without the roads on the ground, the only thing you could see would be the tops of ruins peeking above the tree canopy. You will also want to see the Conjunto Pinturas, also known as the paintings complex. There are several structures including a temple, altars, and dwellings all of which are richly painted.

Getting to the Coba Ruins

The ruins can be accessed from Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Valladolid making some of the easiest ruins to reach in Yucatan. The drive from Cancun will take you just over 2 hours. You can take a Colectivo (taxi van) from any of the major cities, but if you are traveling from anywhere outside of Tulum, you will need to change vans.

Map Of The Ruins At Coba:

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