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Commonly known as “The Pit” cenote is another cenote in Mexico. The name is might not be a very flattering one, but it is amongst the most unique cenotes. The hidden gems of Mexico, the cenotes, are extremely unique and worth remembering experiences. It is situated in the Dos Ojos National Park. Its location is near Playa del Carmen (almost fifty-four kilometers South) and Tulum (twenty-two kilometers North). It is a bumpy road which leads to cenote El Pit but trust us, it will be worth it!

There is an entrance fee required along with a dive fee. So, if you want to dive in this beautiful cenote, take your extra cash with you. The essential facilities are there at the cenote like changing areas, restrooms, parking etc. You will make your way through the wooden steps to reach the opening of cenote followed by a little platform to enter into it. This cenote is quite a magical one with wonderful views. The light penetrates through it enhancing the beauty of cenote even more.

It is an extremely famous dive spot in Tulum, Mexico. Major factor adding to this is the depth of the cenote. It is about thirty to forty meters deep with a halocline and hydrosulfide which looks like fog. The light play on a sunny day makes a beam inside the water which draws divers to choose this cenote for their experience. El Pit cenote is considered advanced level because of its diving scene. The temperature of the cenote water is almost twenty-six degrees centigrade.

The El Pit cenote is in oval shape with rock formations and stalactites hanging from the roof. The water is clean and extremely blue. It refreshes your eyes, calms you and gives you the best diving experience ever. For a day to yourself or a trip with friends and family, it will definitely be a worth visiting site.

The best time you should go to see this enchanting cenote is early in the morning without any crowd. On Sundays, you can visit it later in the morning or evening, but it is suggested you go at a time when the sunrays are hitting the cenote. The water is a combination of saltwater and freshwater. The top ten to twelve meters are freshwater and below that is both, fresh and saltwater.

If you are living in the vicinity of Tulum and can spare a day to see wonderful cenotes, give Cenote El Pit a visit for the beautiful, refreshing water, sunbeam light play, the acid layers below the water and for an experience you will forever remember.

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