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Cenotes are the gems of nature present in Mexico. There is an underworld of these cenotes which are astonishingly stunning and a sight worth a visit. In a cenote, the water temperature is usually around 23 degree centigrade. The water is crystal clear with a variety of formations around it and the roofs above it are covered with delicate yet beautiful stalactites, creating a mirror like view which enhances the view and makes it magical.

Originally, cenotes are made by limestone and calcium carbonate which were considered to be an important ritual center for the Mayan culture. According to them these cenotes were the associated to the underworld, therefore there were so may archaeological remains discovered. 

The cenote Dos Ojos is situated in Tulum. It is, without a doubt, the most famous cenote around the world. This cenote has made its way to many documentaries and films which makes sense because it is magical. The Dos Ojos cenote is incredibly stunning with the blue water which looks like a painting. It is so crystal clear and clean it is unbelievable. 

Like other cenote, it also has those rock formations. Divers also come to this cenote for a refreshing dive experience as the cenote’s water temperature is usually cold. Since it is the most wonderful cenote in Tulum, everyone staying there should definitely visit for a once in a lifetime experience. When you enter the location, you are led by stairs to make your way to the water.

You will have to be a little watchful about the shallow rocks which are below the surface of water. The Cenote Dos Ojos is also referred to as the Bat cave because there are several bats enjoying there just like you. This cenote is rather a less crowded one although it is the most beautiful but it can be a perfect place for a refreshing swim or dive. Cenote Dos Ojos is known for its best facilities for the visitors.

They provide changing rooms, bathrooms, they also have lockers for rent as well. There is an entrance fee which also includes the charges of a life jacket. If you want the gear required for snorkeling, then you will have to pay for it at the ticket booth. At Dos Ojos, they give you a guided diving or snorkeling tour if you upgrade your ticket.

Lifeguards are also present on duty but it is still better you keep a look out for anyone who is swimming. They facilitate you with the best massages ever, there are picnic spots, there is a free car parking and they also have an restaurant. All this screams “A day full of fun”!

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