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Mexico is full of beautiful places many of which are basically cenotes. To explain, cenotes are sinkholes that are filled with refreshing cold water with various rock formations and stalactites. Choosing a cenote out of many options is a very difficult choice because every cenote looks one of a kind. Another beautiful cenote in Tulum, Mexico is Cenote Calavera (Temple of Doom).

The beauty of Cenote Calavera is the fact that it looks like a skull. The structure of the pool is spooky, yet it is an enthralling experience to visit this. This cenote is rather underrated and not as popular in Tulum, but it is hands down extremely a fun one. This cenote is situated just ten minutes from Tulum. You can find this site along the highway if your direction is the same as Gran Cenote.

The cenote is behind a white gate as if it is in someone’s backyard (how cool would that be though). it is almost circular in shape with wooden steps that lead you into the cenote. You can also cliff jump your way into the water for additional fun, depends on however you want to enjoy. The most exciting thing present there is the rope swing hung there which you can swing and enjoy the breeze and also jump right into the cold water.

There is no crowd as such that hinders the tranquil of this place providing the perfect spot for relaxation. It would not just serve as a place to relax but it is one of those photogenic cenotes which can be the best background for your pictures. If you get to this cenote early in the morning, then the cenote will be all to yourself. To get there, you can rent a bike, take a taxi or even get a colectivo to take you to this beautiful place.

The access to this cenote is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. They take an entrance fee and a diving fee if you want to avail the dive. You have to bring all your equipment yourself because they do not provide those things. This cenote is not the most organized one in comparison to other cenotes in Tulum, but you will still not be disappointed at all.

The facilities include ladders, tables, changing areas and also restaurants. There are no lockers in which you can store your belongings, so either leave it back at your hotel or keep a look out for where you keep them.

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