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Explore Curacao Island Through A timeshare promotion!

Discover the Curacao Island area through a vacation promotion and spend your money on some fun things!  Like many popular travel destinations, Willemstad Curacao has timeshare resorts and hotels.  That means you can get a sweet deal on your next stay and all you have to do is qualify and listen to a sale pitch during your stay!  

List Of Timeshare Resorts Curacao Island:

Timeshare vacation trips are common in Curacao Island and you can score a 2 to 4 night stay in trade for listening to a sales pitch at a resort or hotel.  Below is a general list of possible locations.  Inventory is constantly changing and you should call with your dates of travel to see what we have available.

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Map Of Willemstad Curacao Island:

A few more details about Curacao Island:

Curacao Island is located in the far south of the Caribbean Ocean near Aruba and Venezuela (South America).  Curacao boasts some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean like Playa Lagun.  There are over 30 beaches on the island and each offers a different experience.  

Some of the most popular beaches are Cas Abao for scuba diving and Mambo, Kenepa and Portomari beaches for everyday beach activities.  Curacao has some of the best diving sites in the world and they include Porto Mari and Booby Trap!  

Curacao is part of the Kingdom Of The Netherlands and its capitol (Willemstad) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with unique architecture and history.  Popular things to do include outdoor cafes, Handelskade, and the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge.

A few other things to note about Curacao Island is Orange Liqueur.  This specialty liquor is made from the Laraha Orange also referred to as the Golden Orange Of Curacao.  

Languages spoken on the island include Creole, Dutch, English, Papiamentu and Spanish.  On the north side of the island is a park called Shete Boka or Seven Inlets that many tourist visit during their stay.  

There is an Ostrich farm where you can see over 600 of these large birds!  You can also find hand made items, Dutch cheeses, and aloe vera products.  Throughout the day and night there are cafes, bars, clubs and salsa parties.

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